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“ The best way to sell a handgun is not to sell the gun. Let the gun sell itself. probably the best gun right now.” Morey also moves a substantial amount of handguns through the Glock Blue Program, directed at law enforcement, medical personnel and military. While Morey believes educating the customer is crucial to making sales, he also believes the final choice must be left up to the customer. “The best way to sell a handgun is not to sell the gun. Let the gun sell itself,” Morey said, explaining high-pressure tactics and gimmicks don’t foster repeat or happy customers. “That’s one of the problems I run into with a lot of people who come in here,” Morey said. “They tell me they went to a gun shop and the guy told them ‘This is the gun you have to have. If you walk out of the store, it won’t be here when you come back.’ “I don’t do that. I tell people it’s an intelligent decision you have to make, “In .22s, it’s the Smith & Wesson .22A models, all the variants of those. Then, it’s going to be the Walther P22. The Ruger .22s, around here, don’t sell as fast because they’re about $200 more than the cheapest Smith & Wesson .22,” Morey said. In .380s, which Morey primarily sells to retired police officers and for personal carry, the Ruger LCP continues to perform extremely well. “Ruger has, without a doubt, built the finest gun in years with the LCP,” Morey said. “The nice thing about it is it doesn’t have any extra bells or whistles or buzzers. It’s just like a Glock in that if I squeeze the trigger, something’s going downrange. There’s nothing else to worry about. There are very minimal controls on it.” The Glock line also is a favorite with customers at Ocean Tactical. “The Glock 19 is probably the best seller of them all,” Morey said. “Another great seller is the Glock .22. If it’s a police officer, they like the 26 and the 27. But a lot of the guys I have coming in for a 26 or 27 turn around and end up getting a Ruger LCP. So no matter how I do it, that LCP is ” Keys For Increasing Success To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1911, PARA has reintroduced the P14-45, a classic .45 with a 14-round capacity. Visit and it’s a long-term decision,” Morey said. “The best thing to do is to be fair, honest and upfront with people. That’s how I sell guns.” 9 Your Profits! Sell GUNS and AMERICAN HANDGUNNER in your store TODAY! Maximize for current, obsolete and military gun parts, gunsmith supplies, military surplus and shooting accessories. ITEM#TP-33 ONLY $24.95! (for the 3-volume set) catalog #33 The only source you’ll ever need… Commercial Firearms Reference Guide and Firearms Accessory Catalog ITem #TP-33Cm. $20.50 military Firearms Reference Guide and Firearms Accessory Catalog ITem #TP-33mL . $11.95 Also Available as Two-Book Sets! Our new three-volume set for Catalog #33 features our: • 1,008 page Commercial Firearms Reference Guide with over 500 schematics, • 456 page Firearms Accessory Catalog, and • 240 page Military Firearms Reference Guide, with over 100 schematics Order your set NOW! Our latest editions feature more than 180,000 individual items, over 700 schematic drawings and parts lists, and a store brand name to original manufacturer cross-reference. We carry products for hundreds of manufacturers including: • Heckler & Koch • Colt • High Standard • Ruger • Marlin • Mauser • Mossberg • Remington • Savage • SigArms • Glock • Uberti • AMT • Benelli ® For More Information Call 1-800-597-8065 U.S. Orders: Shipped bulk mail. Shipping charges included. Foreign Orders: Shipped air mail (30 day delivery) or surface (90 day delivery). Shipping charges additional. Mail: PO Box 299 West Hurley Ny 12491 — or — 226 Williams Lane, Kingston Ny 12401 Order Toll-Free: 866-686-7424 • Toll-Free Fax: 877-GUNPART • Web: MAY 2011 43

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