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Shooting Industry May 2011 Digital Edition - Page 41

MAKING HANDGUN SALES Turn Your Store Into A Classroom For Increased And Repeat Sales By J.K. Autry EDUCATED P major reason consumers are eager to purchase handguns. And, gun dealers report that many of their customers who are buying handguns for personal defense are first-time gun buyers. This, of course, is good for the gun dealer. However, according to Gerry Morey, owner of Ocean Tactical in Bayville, N.J., such transactions require more than just making the sale. Visitors to his store often describe it as a “classroom.” “Yes, I spend a lot of time educating customers. I believe that’s my responsibility. It’s also why I have so many repeat customers,” Morey said. He points out that selling handguns brings with it great responsibility for a dealer, who needs to discern the customer’s intent, experience level and budget to make a mutually beneficial sale. In the case of a first-time gun owner who wants to purchase a handgun solely for home protection, Morey ensures that sale is being made with additional thought. “If you have kids at home, that’s something serious you have to think about,” Morey said. “And if you’re not going to practice and train with the gun or secure the gun, then my greatest fear is not you protecting your home, but you inadvertently destroying something you didn’t plan on, like your wife, the Gerry Morey, owner of Ocean Tactical, spends a lot of time educating his customers concerning firearm purchases. “I believe that’s my responsibility,” he says. MAY 2011 41 Josie Manfre ersonal defense continues to be a

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