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Shooting Industry May 2011 Digital Edition - Page 37

PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE — WARNING DO NOT USE REMINGTON 22 HORNET 45 GR PSP AMMUNITION WITH LOT NOS. J29EAI, J29EBI, J30EAI, J30EBI OR K01JDI. Remington has determined that five Lots of its 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition may have improper powder charge weights. The five Lot Numbers are identified above. Improper powder charge weights may result in a malfunction of the cartridge when the firearm is fired. This malfunction may result in a bullet being lodged in the barrel creating an obstruction. If another round is fired with an obstruction in the barrel, a barrel burst may occur. A barrel burst could result in property damage, serious personal injury or death. To identify if you have one of these Lots of ammunition: • If you have a case of 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition, the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case; and, • If you have a box of 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition, the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box. If you have any of this Remington 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition, as identified above, immediately discontinue use of this ammunition and contact Remington at the below telephone number. Remington will arrange for the return shipment of your ammunition and, upon receipt will send you replacement ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether or not you have one or more of these Lots of ammunition or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition; please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Remington at the telephone number below – we will replace this ammunition for you. For any consumer questions or instructions on how to return of your Remington 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition with one of the following Lot Numbers J29EAI, J29EBI, J30EAI, J30EBI or K01JDI, please contact the Remington Consumer Service Department at 1-800-243-9700, prompt #4. The only Remington 22 Hornet 45 Gr PSP ammunition affected by this recall has one of the following Lot Numbers J29EAI, J29EBI, J30EAI, J30EBI or K01JDI. No other Lots of ammunition are affected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Safety First: Always observe the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety and wear approved eye and ear protection anytime you are shooting. Safariland SM01F Type II The SM01F Type II is part of the SAVVY, Armor For Women line of concealable armor. The NIJ-06 compliant, form-fit female armor is tested against 9mm and .357 Magnum NIJ-designated rounds, and features Gore-Tex waterproof protection with odor and stain protection. Armor incorporates Core Matrix technology, highperformance Honeywell Gold Shield and radial pleating for protection around the bust, and utilizes Precision Fit Technology. Safariland 1-800-347-1200 SI DIGITAL Hot Link 5.0 in. 10RTM0225_C Required proof: Title: Hornet 22 Recall Ad Market: Run/Disk Date: Color/Space: B/W Magazine Live: Trim: 4.625 Bleed: Notes: Page 1 of 1 5 Bill to: 10RTM0218 REQ 109912 12/20/10 11:36 CE: 2/0 Production Artist: LIZ Task: Fix and print. Spell checked Contract Quick Print Executive CD: Creative Director: Art Director: Writer: Laser Mock-up New Century NcSTAR Tactical Rifle Scabbard The Tactical Rifle Scabbard is designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting, and is expandable to three positions for various barrel lengths. Scabbard features full padding; webbing on both sides with four detachable PALS straps for ambidextrous usage; and six D-rings to attach the padded shoulder sling for multiple carry options. Includes adjustable zippered opening for highcapacity magazines and space for weaponmounted optics. Account Executive: V. Czupinski Production Supervisor: S. Osterrout Coordinator: T. Bossard Ext. 8067 This file was processed through a Kodak Prinergy system. Be advised that it may contain overprint settings that need to be honored in your workflow. New Century NcSTAR 1-866-627-8278 SI DIGITAL Hot Link MAY 2011 37

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