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coming invisible after it reaches a few feet. It has an immediate effect, but doesn’t require a long decontamination period. At the U.S. Armor booth, the company introduced new models of its throw-over plate carriers for body armor. They are designed for officers who are already wearing standard armor, but need additional protection. “The officer just throws it over his shoulders and attaches it on the sides, and he has 10"x12" high-velocity protection,” said Georg Olsen, U.S. Armor general manager. To help dealers with sell-through, U.S. Armor offers a 60-day guaranteedfit program. “The end user has 60 days to wear it, use it, get used to it, and try different attachments. If he’s unhappy with the fit, we fix it,” Olsen said. At the KWA USA booth, the company introduced its new Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) series. “The RM4A1 has new technology we call a ‘kinetic feedback system,’” said Michael Hou, account specialist. “It’s an electric gun that’s able to give simulated recoil while it fires in semiauto or automatic mode. In addition, most electric airsoft guns continue firing even after the magazine is empty. However, this electric gun stops firing until you eject the magazine, put in a new one, hit the bolt catch and start firing again. So it’s very similar to the real thing, but it’s still battery powered.” LaserLyte featured its Subcompact V3 laser at the show. It requires less than 3/4" of Picatinny rail space, making it compatible with the smallest of subcompact pistols. It has an auto-off feature that activates after five minutes. The company’s Rear Sight Laser is now available for Ruger Mark I, II and III pistols and 10/22 rifles, as well as Smith & Wesson Sigma pistols. Officers visiting the Turtleskin Protective Products booth were interested in the company’s new hypodermic-resistant gloves. “They have enough sensitivity for officers to operate weapons, but still provide a high level of needle resistance. Most officers want to have some cut resistance as well, so these gloves also provide twice the cut resistance of traditional gloves,” said John Cronin, product manager. Crimson Trace had a second booth at the show to introduce its recently launched new division, CTC Defense. Two of the first products offered by CTC Defense are Lasergrips for the SIG SAUER P226 that incorporate a red laser and an infrared laser for use with night vision, and the MVF-600, a rail-mounted vertical foregrip for the M4/AR series of rifles Roy Huntington Mounting Solutions Plus presented its vast number of accessories for the AR platform and other firearms. Visit Roy Huntington TOPS Knives’ Mini Pry Knife, with a 3/8"-thick blade, is designed for opening windows and doors, breaking glass and it’s “a tool of last resort.” Visit that includes a white LED light, and red and infrared lasers. “These products meet the requirements needed on the battlefield because of closequarters encounters and new technologies,” said Dale Suzuki, the division’s director. SOG Armory drew a lot of attention with its new Marksman rifle. “The rifle has a 20" Lothar Walther barrel from Germany; we’re the only ones who have that barrel and configuration in a 20" Marksman rifle. It’s very accurate; we guarantee less than one-half MOA at 100 yards right out of the box. With someone who really knows how to shoot, it will put bullet after bullet in the same hole,” said Mark Kinsler, owner. At the Badger Ordnance booth, the company introduced its new night vi- sion products. “We have a night vision mount that connects a current-issue spotting scope to all the current-issue, in-line night vision equipment. We also have another device that’s simple and inexpensive, and allows the user to put a PBS14 on the back of the same scope, so you have different options in how you use your night vision equipment,” said Martin Bordson, company president. At Insight Technology, Samantha Millett, senior account specialist, said two of the hot items in the booth were the WL1AA Weapon Light and the WL1AA Weapon Light/Laser combination. “These are our first AA battery weapon lights, so now officers have lights with readily available and less expensive batteries than some of our Legacy lights and MAY 2011 31

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