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Shooting Industry May 2011 Digital Edition - Page 22

Arms Arms and the woman Lisa Parsons-Wraith High-Performance Clothing Offers Style And Function straps are hiked up as high as they can go, but are completely the wrong size when it comes to the shoe portion. SHE Safari customers now can order their waders by boot size and pants size, assuring a custom fit. For example, a woman can order her waders in a shoe size of 9 and a pants size medium. The 5mm neoprene and 1,000-gram Thinsulate provide warmth and comfort. Additionally, straps are Velcro, with no bulky buckles to get in the way SHE Safari’s new waterfowl line includes chest waders that can be custom of mounting a gun, and side ordered to a woman’s foot and pants size — ensuring a precise fit. New Options From SHE color-blocking provides a SHE Safari, already a strong slimming and stylish look. presence in the women’s market, introduced cited about are the chest waders. Visit line of waterfowl clothing for women. The In the past, women have struggled fari for more information. line features a jacket, bibs and gloves, but with men’s chest waders. The wadTo ensure ladies have a place to use the item women are sure to get the most ex- ers are roughly the right size when the SHE Safari’s stylish and functional cloth- R ecent offerings at the SHOT Show indicate ladies are a market worth courting. The industry’s biggest trade show saw the introduction of several new lines of clothing designed for women shooters. High-performance technical gear is the name of the game in women’s hunting wear. Each of the new garments zeroes in on a specific need that has been lacking in the women’s market — whether it is odormasking undergarments or the latest in super warm fabrics for cold-weather hunts. “Scent”-sible Clothes H unter’s Specialties forges into the women’s market with their ScentA-Way TEK 4 clothing in women’s sizes, which are specifically tailored to the female form for enhanced fit and comfort. These base-layer garments are designed to mask human odors by using state-ofthe-art silver technology to permanently control odor caused by bacteria. High-tech nylon threads permanently encapsulated in pure silver are woven into the garment, so the odorcontrolling properties last for the life of the clothing. Scent-A-Way TEK 4 garments are easy to care for. They are durable and fade resistant, and can be washed with other clothing. Unlike carbon-based clothing, which has limits on how much odor it can absorb and requires special treatment to be Hunter’s Specialties’ Scent-A-Way TEK 4 clothing uses silver technology to permanently control odor caused by bacteria. Base-layer pants and tops are available in both light- and heavyweight versions. recharged, Scent-A-Way TEK 4 continues to control odors throughout the duration of the hunt. Moisture-wicking technology and silver’s unique thermal properties help keep lady hunters warm and dry. Hunter’s Specialties is making a wide variety of garments available to women, ranging from base-layer pants and tops in both light- and heavyweight versions, to high-cut briefs. Head nets, gloves, socks, baseball caps and fleece caps are also available. Visit huntersspecialties for more information. The Haley Vines Outdoor Collection is a relative newcomer to the clothing scene, and was created by a motherdaughter team tired of being unable to find hunting gear that fits their needs. The collection consists of waterproof By Women, For Women 22 MAY 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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