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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 8

Industry Industry news By Bill Brassard new NSSF poll conducted by Harris Interactive found more Americans are target shooting now than six months ago, and “home and personal defense” were the main reasons Americans recently purchased firearms. The poll also showed 43 percent of respondents, which equates to nearly 98 million people, expressed some level of interest in participating in the shooting sports or hunting. “Last year was a banner year for lawful firearm sales, and the results of this poll suggest the desires for personal security and recreation were drivers of most of those purchases,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president. “The poll also reaffirms something we’ve known for a long time — that many millions of Americans want to try target shooting or hunting and are just waiting for an invitation from an experienced shooter to go to the range or afield.” The next move, Sanetti said, is up to those who already own guns and hunt. “So, firearms owners, what are you wait- 2010 Long Guns — pg. 18 Target Shooting Up, Self-Defense Drives Gun Buys A ing for? Make that invitation and share the enjoyment of recreational shooting or hunting with someone eager to go,” Sanetti said. Harris Interactive conducted the online survey March 16-18. The questions were asked of general population adults age 18 and over. Findings from the NSSF/Harris poll include: “ This poll suggests the desires for personal security and recreation were drivers of most of those purchases. • Some 18.4 million Americans “currently participate” in handgun target shooting and 14.8 million participate in rifle target shooting, an increase from the 16.8 million and 13.9 million, respectively, from an NSSF poll conducted by Harris Interactive last September. • Participation in the shotgun sports of “skeet/trap” and “sporting clays” was 4.2 million in each of those categories. • In response to a question about why Americans made their most recent firearm purchase, 40 percent of respondents said “home protection,” followed by 36 percent citing “personal protection.” Target shooting (30%) and hunting (28%) came next. • The main barrier to people going target shooting more often? “Cost of ammunition” was cited by 50 percent of the respondents, followed by “not enough free time” (43%). According to NSSF, the survey highlighted the power of a personal invitation to motivate an individual to go target shooting or hunting. Some 45 percent of respondents said an “invitation from friend or family” would most encourage them to participate, ranking this personal interaction far ahead of all forms of advertising. Once invited by a friend or family member, respondents said they would want to: • Shoot a handgun at the range (77%) • Shoot a rifle at the range (69%) • Go plinking (55%) • Fire shotguns at clay targets (54%) • Take a self-protection class (54%) • Go hunting for various game (25%). For more information, visit ” Freedom Group To Relocate Marlin Firearms he Freedom Group announces it is closing its Marlin facility in North Haven, Conn., and relocating the manufacturing operations. At press time, Freedom Group officials say they are still evaluating several relocation options. The official announcement also indicated the transition of Marlin firearm production to a future location will not affect customers’ shipments or the range of Marlin product offerings. “As competition in today’s global marketplace remains intense, consolidation of our manufacturing processes and operat- T ing systems allows us to provide Marlin customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices,” said Ted Torbeck, Freedom Group’s CEO. “We are committed to the Marlin brand, its core product offerings and bringing innovative new Marlin firearms to our customers.” Sports South To Match DU Donations See page 10 $500,000 “3-Gun Nation” Grand Prize See page 14 $25,000 Drop In Background Checks See page 46 -3.35% Join Us On The Firing Line For The SHOOTING INDUSTRY MASTERS! Page 39 8 MAY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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