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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 6

Letters Letters to the editor As easy as it is to bemoan all that is wrong with our industry, there are also some really bright spots. One such ray of sunshine was a recent service rendered to my store by Ruger. If every company treated customers as well as Ruger does, this world would be a much more pleasant place indeed. We should remember to pat the back that does not turn away from us in times of need, especially when we see so many who seem to take the embattled storefront retailer too much for granted. Thanks again, Sturm Ruger. Jack C. Little, Owner Whetstone Surplus High Point, N.C. Many thanks for your coverage of Colt (“Doing Business, Making Sales,” February 2010). The Colt folks are terrific. They have a fabulous, deep-to-the-roots American story, and one the industry can really E-mail the Editor Charter Arms .38 Special — a 30-yearold, 2" stainless steel snubbie that has gone many a mile in my ankle holster. Carelessly, I let the mainspring seat go flying during a cleaning session. Of course, it was nowhere to be found. I called two big-time providers of gun parts with no luck. Perplexed and disgruntled, I called Charter Arms directly and spoke with a man who listened to my dilemma. He, of course, told me to be careful of how I dismantled the mainspring in the future, but then told me he was going to mail me a mainspring seat at no cost. I received it three days after our conversation, and my Charter Arms snubbie is now fully functional again. The folks at Charter Arms deserve a pat on the back for their quick service, and for taking my word of what went wrong, with no questions asked. Mick Slater Elkhart, Ind. Via: GUNS Magazine 9 Thanks, Ruger American Story learn from. Plus, they make a great gun. LtGen. (William) Keys has done a marvelous job with the company. Thanks so much for showing a photo of Joyce (Rubino, Colt VP and COO), and featuring her in your article on the NASGW. We are so happy to have them back. Susan Houde-Walter, CEO LaserMax Rochester, N.Y. Quick Service From Charter Arms Earlier this summer, I was cleaning my 6 MAY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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