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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 44

the full-size Storm pistols are, since they’re restricted to 10-round magazines,” Olesen said. “But it’s really understandable when you consider most of those we sell will be home defense guns. The full-size Storm provides easy operation under stress using gross motor skills, reduced recoil — which also translates to greater accuracy — and too, in confrontation, there is a certain psychological effect in the presence of a fullsize handgun.” American Shooters Supply has four locations, and Olesen says they move an average of 25 units a week just from one shop. “The accuracy of Storm pistols is terrific, and it’s a major selling point,” Olesen said. “We have a Ransom Rest onsite, and we keep targets shot with Storms to show customers. They’re very impressed. We also point out features like the locked-breech rotating barrel system, which adds to both accuracy and reliability. Mechanically, it’s a beautiful design. The precision fit and finish speaks for itself, and then there is our warranty, on top of Beretta’s warranty.” Olesen says American Shooters Supply places such faith in Beretta products that they guarantee satisfaction with accuracy, reliability and overall performance. “If it was a new sale, we will replace that gun the same day, and if it was used, we’ll refund the entire purchase price, period. Beretta is the only brand we offer that guarantee on. In five years, we’ve had to use it once,” Olesen said. Additionally, he says dealer support from Beretta couldn’t be better. “They’re always available, always in touch, and always asking how they can improve. My answer is, not much,” Olesen said. A couple of things struck us about these interviews. First, though no one mentioned it, all three shops were obviously very enthusiastic about their top-selling full-capacity pistols — and that enthusiasm is highly contagious and a crucial element in sales. Second, all employees and managers had — and emphasize — thorough product knowledge. Similar lists of appealing features and manufacturer attributes apply The new-for-2010 Springfield XD(M) 3.8, in 9mm, has a capacity of 19+1 rounds. Two Essential Ingredients For Success to several other makers, like SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory, CZ, FNH-USA and more. If you have the enthusiasm and the knowledge, it’s clear that you, too, can pick a winner — and ride it to success! 9 HANDGUN MARKET See Reader Service, page 45, for a listing of handgun market manufacturers. W Starline quality brings your customers back for more. ith more than 80 calibers, Starline Brass is an industry leader in the research, development and manufacturing of brass cases. Our unique manufacturing process and tight quality control yield consistent performance that will keep your reloading customers coming back for more. As a Starline dealer, you can take advantage of bulk pricing to increase your margin on all of our products, including the nickel-plated calibers offered exclusively through our dealers. Ordering is easy by phone, fax or our web site. Give your customers the case they ask for by name. Give them Starline. To find out how you can become a Starline dealer, e-mail 44 185.26919 Shoot Ind MAy2010.indd 1 • 1-800-280-6660 Read SI DIGITAL 3/23/10 9:11 AM MAY 2010

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