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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 43

Gen4 Glocks Rock! “A ll the buzz on full-cap pistols here is about the fourth-generation Glocks,” said Randy Lish, sales consultant at Barlow’s Custom Guns in West Valley, Utah. He explained attention was currently centered on the Gen4 Glock 22 RTF for a couple of reasons. “First, most local agencies either issue or approve Glock pistols,” Lish said. “Overwhelmingly, the most popular here and all over the U.S. is the Glock 22 — the first model out with the RTF changes. The majority of our customer base is made up of law enforcement officers. Even most of our civilian customers come here because they know we’re a cop-oriented shop, and they want to carry what the pros rely on. We’re a Glock L.E. distributor, and virtually all of them know that. All those factors add up in our favor — and are a great benefit to our customers.” Lish says Barlow’s is getting lots of officers who are replacing their Gen-3 Model 22s with Gen4s. “The new features of the Gen4 22 make it an easy sale. First, there’s the RTF frame treatment. Those little polymids — the tiny studs over the gripping surfaces — provide a much better grip while actually being less rough on the hands, and fabric, too, if you’re carrying it concealed. All you have to do is put a Gen3 22 in For 2010, Glock adds a multiple backstrap system to the Gen4 design. the customer’s hand, apply some torque simulating recoil, a fight, an attempted weapon takeaway, and then do the same thing with the Gen4 RTF. The improvement is obvious,” Lish said. And the same goes for the new semicircular slide serrations, says Lish, calling them “very effective,” and noting the rail area appears to have been beefed up. “Then, field strip the Gen4 22 and show off the recoil spring assembly, which is now a captive dual-spring design with a steel guide rod replacing the plastic,” Lish said. “It’s really strong, and our customers are enthusiastic about it.” On the day of our interview, Lish commented that Barlow’s had just received their first shipment of Gen4 Glock Model 17s. “They’re going to set off another wave of ‘upgrade-buying’! Most of our customers — L.E. and civilian — who don’t have Glock 22s have Glock 17s, and they’re going to love the Gen4s!” he said. For 2010, Glock enhances the Gen4 design with a multiple backstrap system for changing the circumference of the grip. In addition, the magazine release catch of the Gen4 has been enlarged and is reversible. S&W Sales Are Smokin’! Beretta Creates Storm! ou’ll find other full-cap pistols in the display cases of Gun & Sport North in Salem, N.H., but according to manager Robert Kalil, the ones smokin’ off the shelves are Smith & Wesson M&Ps. “They are our number-one sellers in full-size, full-capacity pistols by a good margin,” Kalil told SI. “Excellent ergonomics and the ability to fit any hand with the changeable grip panels contribute heavily to their appeal. Plus, their proven reliabili- Y Even limited to 10-round magazines, the full-size Beretta Px4 Storm in 9mm is in high demand at American Shooters Supply in New York. 43 MAY 2010 ty, easy maintenance, Smith & Wesson’s reputation and, of course, their very competitive price.” He added it didn’t hurt that so many citizens know the New Hampshire State Police are now carrying M&P pistols. “Between Smith & Wesson’s national advertising and their frequent sales promotions, all we have to do is let people know we have them, and present their features well,” Kalil said. “We’ve had nothing but happy buyers, and dealing with Smith & Wesson is a pleasure. They keep us very well stocked, and their interest in customer satisfaction is as intense as our own. Smith & Wesson is a great business partner.” Kalil reported the M&P40 in .40 Smith & Wesson enjoys the highest demand, followed by the 9mm M&P9. “In fact,” he laughed, “the only thing flattening M&P sales right now is a terrific promotion on Smith & Wesson Sigma pis- New for 2010, the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series is offered in .40 S&W and 9mm. tols! Both ways, it’s good for us, our customers and Smith & Wesson!” If anyone in the northeastern U.S. does a better job of selling full-size Beretta Storm pistols, Brian Olesen, general manager of American Shooters Supply in Albany, N.Y., wants to know who they are — and see some proof! “In a way, I’m amazed at how popular Just Call Us “Storm Central” Read SI DIGITAL MAY 2010 43

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