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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 42

The FNP-45 has a 5.3" stainless steel barrel and comes with three 15-round magazines. By John Morrison HANDGUNS They’re Not “Niche Guns” Anymore! Of FULL-CAPACITY SALES FIRE UP F ull-sized, full-capacity pistols were widely viewed as “niche guns” when they first hit the scene. Once their reliability was proven, sport competition shooters and law enforcement officers embraced them for their high round-count magazines, and a relatively small percentage of customers adopted them for home defense. Essentially, these full-sized, full-capacity pistols remained niche guns until Glock pistols achieved a dominant position in U.S. law enforcement. Since then, high-cap pistols have taken over as the heart of American handgun sales. Despite the recent renaissance of small to subcompact revolvers, and a hot trend toward subcompact and even micro-sized .380 pistols, there’s still a ton of money to be made in full-size, full-capacity handguns — and legions of both first-time buyers and return customers are demanding them. We found three dealers with very different experiences selling full-cap pistols — all of which are profitable. If any one statement sums up their positions, it’s “Pick a winner — and ride it!” The crew at Barlow’s Custom Guns — (from left) Randy Lish, owner Steve Barlow, Steve Palano, Mike Barlow and James Johnson — say Gen4 Glock 22s are selling like hotcakes. 42 MAY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL MAY 2010 42

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