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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 33

DPMS Panther REPR The Panther REPR (Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle) is chambered in 7.62 NATO with a 1x10 twist. The sub-MOA capable REPR features an 18" contoured chrome molybdenum steel barrel with Remonite coating, and 7.62x51 Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Flash Hider. The rifle features a black Hogue rubber grip with finger grooves and Magpul PRS stock in coyote brown. Streamlight Strion LED HP The Strion LED HP provides 400 percent greater peak beam intensity than the Strion LED using C4 power LED technology. The Strion LED HP features three microprocessor-controlled variable lightintensity modes, plus strobe function and a long-range targeting beam; and provides 38,000 candela peak beam intensity and 160 lumens. A multi-function, push-button tactical tail button switch allows for one-handed operation. The Strion LED HP has a 50,000-hour lifetime. DPMS (320) 345-9223 SI DIGITAL Hot Link r Absolute strength308 Calibe . Machining, Fitting and FInish are excellent Streamlight 1-800-523-7488 SI DIGITAL The competition can stop trying Knock down, stop your assailant right now power Hot Link Unmatched strength and durability Lewis Machine & Tool Co. is to supply the UK Ministry of Defence… By far the best AR platform I have ever owned or operated LaserMax M&P Guide Rod Laser The full-size, .40 caliber Smith & Wesson M&P guide rod laser has been added to LaserMax’s family of guide rod laser-aiming systems. The M&P guide rod is user installed accurate, with factory alignment and no gunsmithing required. It adds no weight to the firearm, is designed for use in existing holsters, and does not occupy Picatinny rail space or change the weapon’s ergonomic grip design. The laser produces 10 pulses per second. ds, r o w n a h t R E D U O L Actions Speak lf! e s r u o y r o f e n o t so shoo the new LM308MWS FROM Lewis Machine & Tool After nearly a decade in development, the Lewis Machine & Tool LM308MWS has arrived and taken the shooting community by storm. Designed by the LMT team, the LM308MWS is the latest evolution of the LMT Monolithic Rail Platform. The .308 caliber monolithic B e c au s e Fa i l u r e i s n ot a n o p t i o n rail model was developed to give its operators greater accuracy, power and extended range, Because Failure Is Not An Option. 309.732.9527 LaserMax 1-800-LASER03 SI DIGITAL Hot Link MAY 2010 33

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