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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 26

By Suzi Huntington 2010 Law Enforcement Enforcement & & Tactical Tactical Law Dealers Attending Mega Show Benefit In Education, Sales T Russ Thurman he law enforcement presence at SHOT has grown remarkably over the past few years. From a modest beginning, the Law Enforcement & Tactical Gear section is now a critical part of the SHOT Show. customers, dealers are reaching out for more information. A few years ago, FMG Publications hosted a “Selling to Law Enforcement” seminar at the SHOT Show. After the twoday event, NSSF reported it was the mostattended seminar of that show. Dealers — and manufacturers — from all segments of the industry attended, all anxious to learn more about this burgeoning market, and the possibilities of growth for their respective companies. That eagerness to learn about the market, and how to tap into L.E. sales, drives the crowds that pack L.E. booths at the SHOT Show. The Sands Convention Center, this year’s SHOT Show venue, had its share of inconveniences due to the somewhat cluttered layout. Much of the L.E. section was spread out in several display areas, some difficult to find. While there were indeed some grumblings on the part of show attendees and exhibitors, in the same breath, they were also quick to comment on the positive nature of things. “Our presence in the L.E. section makes perfect sense,” said Ernest Emerson, of Emerson Knives. “Cops are a significant part of our user group and they came by in droves. Dealers also stopped by to explore stocking Emerson knives, and I was surprised to note many new faces — their first time exploring the law enforcement section of SHOT.” Our own American COP booth was situated in the center of the main display area of the L.E. section. We were able to gauge the feel of the show, and monitor A major reason for the section’s growth is it introduces dealers to the L.E. market. Many dealers haven’t thought about branching into this segment of the marketplace. But once exposed to the possibilities, the new and exciting products, and the important crossover market of selling L.E.-related products to regular Pitfalls & Positives A dealer receives details on Aimpoint’s sight options for law-enforcement applications. 26 MAY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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