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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 22

Arms Arms and the woman he quest for the ultimate ladies’ gun is a constant one. But as manufacturers focus on self-defense and concealment guns, women are getting more of what they want. Gun makers are creating lighter guns with rounded edges that are highly concealable, making them easier to hide on the body in women’s clothing. These slimline guns are also easier to tuck into a small purse — rather than being forced to conceal a gun in something that could double as hand luggage. Women are also benefiting from new technology that allows venerable guns like the Glock to be redesigned for less felt recoil. Recently introduced stock gun models offer everything from integral lasers to custom styling, giving women some of the best self-defense choices they’ve had in years. Wilson Combat recently introduced the Ms. Sentinel chambered in 9mm. In order to create a lightweight, easily concealed gun, the Ms. Sentinel is built on Lisa Parsons-Wraith New Tactical Guns Are Great Self-Defense Options T Wilson Combat Wilson Combat’s shortest aluminum frame, which is half an inch shorter than their compact model. Also, all the sharp edges have been rounded off for maximum comfort and concealment. Other features on the Ms. Sentinel are Wilson’s Concealment Bullet Proof beavertail grip safety The Ms. Sentinel is the Wilson Combat. and hammer. This is a slimline firearm with cocobolo starburst stocks that are refreshing on a ladies’ gun. Tritium night sights round out this self-defense package. Each Ms. Sentinel ships with the standard Wilson Combat package of accessories, including two eight-round magazines, a pistol rug, silicone cleaning cloth, manuals smallest and lightest 9mm pistol offered by and a Trigger Guard Lock. The Ms. Sentinel is an attractive gun with plenty of features your female customers will appreciate. For more information, visit Glock Glocks are beloved by men and women Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguards Incorporate Lasers aser sights are hugely popular with women as they are easy to use and offer a possible deterrent to crime. Smith & Wesson has capitalized on this popularity by introducing the Bodyguard line. These guns come in a .380 semiautomatic pistol version and in a .38 revolver, and were designed in conjunction with Insight Technology. The results are uniquely engineered, lightweight selfdefense firearms with built-in laser sights. Built with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the .380 ACP features a high-strength polymer frame with a black Melonite-coated stainless steel slide and barrel. This Bodyguard weighs in at a mere 11.85 ounces, has an overall length of 5 1/4" and a standard 2 The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard line includes a .380 semiautomatic pistol and a .38 revolver (seen here), designed in conjunction with Insight Technology. 22 MAY 2010 L 3/4" barrel. Capacity on this hideout gun is 6+1. The slimline Bodyguard should fit nicely in a woman’s hand, and women are sure to appreciate the integral Insight laser, which is easily operated by left- and right-handed shooters. When the laser sights are not in use, shooters can use the Bodyguard’s black Melonite-coated, stainless steel, drift-adjustable dovetail sights. Women who like the simplicity of a revolver will also be very pleased with the .38 S&W Special +P Bodyguard. It is also a lightweight gun, weighing 14.3 ounces, and features a hammerless design, which is perfect for carrying in a purse. The five-shot revolver sports a short 1.9" barrel and an overall length of 6.6". The integral Insight laser is on the right side of the frame. The revolver also has a notch-style rear sight and a pinned black blade front sight for when the laser is not in use. The Bodyguard sports a one-piece aluminum alloy upper frame, along with a steel reinforced polymer lower frame. The barrel and cylinder on the revolver are both stainless steel. The stainless steel cylinder is coated with a durable, nonreflective matte black finish for long-term carrying and low-light presentation. An ambidextrous cylinder release on the top of the frame, ergonomic one-piece rubber grip and a smooth trigger pull round out this revolver package. Read SI DIGITAL

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