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Shooting Industry May 2010 - Page 19

Lethal force Latest Evolution Of Taurus Judge hen was the last time you saw a revolving carbine with a legal-length shotgun or rifle barrel, in a double-action format with swing-out cylinder, chambered for modern ammunition? Meet the latest evolution of the hugely popular Taurus Judge in .45 Colt/.410 dual chambering. It’s called the Circuit Judge, and is made in their affiliated Rossi factory. It can be ordered with a rifled barrel geared toward the .45 Colt round or smoothbore. The latter will give real .410 shotgun patterns, not the doughnut patterns caused by birdshot or buckshot being spun by a revolver’s rifling. In .410, it will make a neat little “farm and field” gun for closerange pests. Simple to load and unload and fired double action, I’d expect it to run The Taurus Circuit Judge handles .410 and .45 Colt. SI Digital readers, click the video logo to view a report on all the Judges at SHOT, or visit the “Web Blast” section of www. W faster than a .410 pump. A “blast shield” at the front of the cylinder protects the arm and wrist of the shooter using a conventional rifle/shotgun grasp of the forestock. Firmly held against the shoulder, I found its high-visibility fiber optic front and rear sights didn’t move off target no matter how fast I “doubleactioned” the trigger in dry fire. It’s a very light, well-balanced arm. This will sell well to the small in stature and to newbies, due to its simplicity. Additionally, the established popularity of the Judge series of handguns will sell it to those who’ve bought a Judge and want a companion long gun that works identically. Dealers around the nation are telling SI the Judge revolver is their single bestselling handgun, and in some months their single best-selling firearm — which bodes well for the sales success of the “revolving carbine” Circuit Judge. 9 zeRo in on HigHeR SAleS. SAF-S30 Mount RK-M4 FoRe end Mount SI DIGITAL VIDEO ligHt SySteM RlS Remington is reintroducing more of their shotgun models in classic blue steel and walnut, which is sure to please traditionalist customers. And for the burly shotgunner who wants buckets of buckshot when it comes time to defend home and hearth, they introduced a Tactical version of their exciting Model 887 slide action. Polymer stock and forend, and an aluminum magazine extender, allow this high-capacity gun to fire the awesome 3 1/2", 12-gauge Magnum shell. This Remington is light, affordable and the retail price-point is very attractive. Savage now has an Ithaca 37 clone, a trim, short-barreled, home-defense shotgun, branded under their traditional economy line, Stevens. Stamped “made in China,” this 12-gauge pump has a reputable American gunmaker’s warranty behind it. That, along with its good handling and low price-point, should help dealers move a lot of them. 4016 Sling 7742 MAgAzine doubleR From the novice to the expert, your customers have a lot invested in their rifles. So when they need accessories Safariland can give them the best of everything. We offer a full line up of long gun accessories that meet your customers’ and your needs. Take aim at higher profits. Check out Safariland accessories today. CHeCK out ouR entiRe neW geAR bAg line (800) 347.1200 4552 duAl RiFle CASe CoMPAny A PRoduCt oF tHe MAY 2010 19 ©2010 Safariland

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