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Shooting Industry March 2013 - Page 8

Industrynews SSF presented FMG Publications with its highest honor — the Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award — during the 2013 SHOT Show State of the Industry reception. “We are proud and honored to present this award to one of our greatest supporters. One which has done more than any other to support the NSSF’s First Shots program,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “It is the highest honor we can give. “The extremely successful First Shots program allows shooters of all ages, particularly women, to get their first factual introduction to firearms and their safe and proper usage. This is so important in today’s world of instant global misinformation, and it’s vital to help dispel fear and misconceptions about recreational shooters and the firearms we responsibly own and use. To date, FMG Publications has donated almost $150,000 to our First Shots program, and that, in turn, is made possible by the industry’s participation in the Shooting Industry Masters competition, which FMG instituted, nurtured and has grown to be the premier industry shooting event.” “We are very proud to be part of this industry, and to support NSSF and First Shots,” said Randy Molde, FMG Publications vice president of business development. “Considering how much Ken Identify The Right Handgun For Women — pg. 18 NSSF Presents FMG Publications Its Highest Honor N From left, Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry publisher, and Randy Molde, FMG vice president of business development, accept the Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award from Robert Scott (second from right), NSSF chairman, and Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. Sedlecky did to grow the shooting sports during his lifetime, it’s an honor to receive this award on behalf of 10-years’ worth of Shooting Industry Masters participants.” The Shooting Industry Masters combines handgun, rifle and shotgun events in a fun, competitive format open to industry representatives only. Money raised through the event supports First Shots. “In 2012, we fired 100,000 rounds of handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition and no one was hurt except their egos,” said Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry Magazine publisher. “Now in its 11th year, the Masters brings all of us together for an industry family reunion. It’s part of the heritage of our country.” “It’s more critical than ever to make sure the introduction to recreational shooting is the best experience possible,” Molde said. “First Shots training helps do that. The safe, fun, hands-on instruction First Shots events provide create an unlimited number of opportunities to bring new shooters into our businesses — and keep them coming back for more. We plan to support this worthwhile program for many years to come through the Shooting Industry Masters.” The 2013 Shooting Industry Masters will be held in Cody, Wyo., July 19-20. Visit Gun Control Goes Full Auto By Russ Thurman he number of proposed gun-control laws and anti-industry initiatives being rolled out throughout the nation continues at a full-auto pace. In Washington, D.C., and in numerous state capitols, legislators are crafting, debating and passing sweeping laws that ban certain firearms and place greater restrictions on gun ownership. On Capitol Hill, Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced her “enhanced assault weapons” ban in late January. It lowers to one the number of features needed to classify a firearm as an “assault weapon,” and also T Let Lawmakers Know Where You Stand. Visit 8 MARCH 2013 Do Something. It’s time to take action! bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. In early February, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and the state legislators were pushing bans and tough restrictions on many firearms. Jeffrey Reh, Beretta USA general counsel and vice general manager, addressed a state senate hearing on Feb. 5, expressing concerns about the bill’s potential impact on the company, which is based in Accokeek, Md. Also in early February, New Jersey’s lawmakers introduced 23 pieces of legislation that seek additional restrictions and bans. In Colorado, the state’s legislation proposed prohibiting the sale, transfer or possession of an “ammunition feeding device” capable of accepting more than 10 rounds, or more than five shotgun shells. In Minnesota, the state House of Representatives held hearings before considering bills that could ban “assault weapons,” restrict magazine capacity and expand background checks. In California, reports indicate legislators are considering laws that would set a new benchmark for gun control, exceeding SI DIGITAL Hot Link Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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