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CATALOG #35 — THE WORLD’S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF GUN PARTS® for current, obsolete and military gun parts, gunsmith supplies, military surplus and shooting accessories. ITEM#TP-35 ONLY $25.95! (for the 3-volume set) The only source you’ll ever need… Our new three-volume set for Catalog #35 features the: Reference Guide For Firearms Parts ® Volume One (A-O) Reference Guide For Firearms Parts ® and Volume Two (P-Z) Firearms Accessory Catalog. Order your set NOW! We carry products for hundreds of manufacturers including: ® U.S. Orders: Shipped bulk mail. Shipping charges included. Foreign Orders: Shipped air mail (30 day delivery) or surface (90 day delivery). Shipping charges additional. Mail: PO Box 299 West Hurley NY 12491 — or — 226 Williams Lane, Kingston NY 12401 Gun Care all in one step Harness the power of the world-wide-web to bring new customers to your door. Increase Your Sales Offer Customers A Fully Stocked spending habits — perhaps even some custom knives. Caroline’s case is very interesting, and often overlooked. If she hadn’t been asked about her knife preferences, you’d never know she was shopping for a semiautomatic handgun. Customers like Caroline often start with carrying a knife for self-defense before moving up to their first firearm. It’s clear Caroline is a prime candidate for a handgun purchase; she has already looked into a training program. By asking a simple question about knives, you might just get a bonus firearm sale. Sgt. Sonny Lovetto is a seasoned cop who obviously likes his cutlery. Carrying a Benchmade knife signals he doesn’t mind paying for quality, and he went the extra mile to purchase an automatic. But what is really interesting in Sonny’s case is he hasn’t limited his cutlery options to just knives. Cops pack tools such as the Boker Cop Tool and Leatherman multi-tool as part of their daily gear — and may even use them more often than their knives. This presents an opportunity for a secondary sale. Think of the information that can be gathered about your customers’ knifebuying habits if you and your sales staff spend just a minute or two asking questions of your customers. Have staffers do this informal interview with your in-store traffic over a period of one or two weeks, and at the end of your prescribed survey period, conduct a meeting to compile a list of your customers’ cutlery preferences. This will allow you to focus your buying for your customer base, and maximize moving your inventory. Before long, you’ll be taking advantage of secondary sales, and even converting some of your cutlery buyers to firearms owners. 9 ONLINE STORE Now Your Website Can Offer Over 10,000 Products Zeroing In On Preferences If you’re not using you’re working too hard! PrOlix® has been used by millions over 30 years and in the field where it counts! Longer lasting for better service and protection! Keeps working without freezing due to its superior technology and quality. prolix® DISTRIBUTOR CATALOG DisCover its many uses Dry Lube teChnoLogy • earth FrienDLy ProChemCo LLC PO Box 1466 West Jordan, UT 84084-8466 801-569-2763 • 1-800-248-LUBE (5823) Fax: 801-569-8225 Check us out at For L.E. and military customers, Southeastern Guns offers the Microtech UDT automatic (top), the Benchmade Triage emergency folder (middle) and the CRKT M16 tactical folder. Call Today for a Free Consultation and Online Demo Toll Free: 1-800-699-0820 - Distributor Product & Inventory Link - One-Click-To-Ship - Custom Design & Branding olix4C.indd 1 Subscribe to SI Digital: 11/18/11 2:51 PM It’s Free! MARCH 2013 40 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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