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Shooting Industry March 2013 - Page 34

good. It doesn’t even matter if a customer is interested in the particular item that’s being raffled, because the proceeds benefit charity and they want to get involved.” Always looking for ways to attract and engage new customers, the range had great success last year through offering Groupon and LivingSocial deals geared toward recreational shooters. The LivingSocial deal in particular sold extremely well at The Range at Lake Norman, with almost 2,500 purchased in five days. (Groupon halted all gun-related deals in late January. LivingSocial has not announced any policy changes.) “We are new to the area and not on a main drag, so we did the LivingSocial and Groupon deals as a marketing plan to help customers know we are here,” Sisson said. “The deal offered all-day use of a pistol or rifle lane, a firearm rental, 50 rounds of ammo, and eye and ear protection. “We’ve gotten a tremendous response from the folks who have come in, never shot before and say, ‘You need to walk me through this,’” Sisson said. “That’s really our point of difference. There are other ranges around here that offer those deals, but they aren’t offering a hands-on experience. We really take these customers through the process.” Sisson knows satisfied customers are far more likely to return to the range and purchase a firearm of their own, which is why she places a heavy emphasis on superior customer service. “We could not do the things we do without a staff that is highly trained in customer service,” Sisson said. “Customers are just not going to spend their dollars in a facility where they’re not attended to. Customer service is key when catering to recreational shooters.” 9 Engaging Customers The concept behind The Range at Lake Norman: creating a recreational facility, as well as an entertainment facility, that will attract customers of all types and backgrounds. “We really cater to first-time shooters at the range, and Ladies Night is no different,” said Tricia Sisson, co-owner of The Range at Lake Norman. 34 MARCH 2013 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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