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Shooting Industry March 2013 - Page 1

NSSF Honors FMG Publications Entertainment MARCH 2013 Experience Appeal To Recreational Shooters Long-Gun Who Don’t Overlook Traditional Comfort Customer? Is Your Knife A Golden ClAss of shot shells O ur Golden Pheasant loads have been knocking down the big birds for years and hunters know it. If we had a dollar for every report we get of how happy hunters are when using our Golden Pheasant loads, we could work less and go hunting more often. The long successful history of our loads is based on the use of quality components like our hard, nickel plated shot – notorious for its outstanding penetration and knockdown power. Nickel-plated pellets are first copper plated to get the nickel to stick. It is like copper but better – harder, rounder, slicker to improve patterns and penetration. We go this extra step because we know it works. The hard pellets stay round and cut through the feathers to penetrate into the birds for the quick, humane kills you want. Since 1876 For the Fiocchi dealer near you, Call 417.449.1043 Dealers Only Giveaway pg. 25

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