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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Russ Thurman The Masters And First Shots: Good For Business T he Shooting Industry Masters, How well does First Shots work? Just total have you spent on shooting-related FMG Publications’ annual shooting like you, we want to see the results of pro- equipment and supplies since the First competition, provides an opportu- grams we support and promote. That’s an- Shots program?” Forty-nine percent of nity for those in the industry to get to the other reason we like First Shots — NSSF respondents said they had made such purrange and enjoy shooting. For most of us in shows us the numbers. In its latest report chases, spending an average of $635.37. the industry, shooting isn’t something we on First Shots, NSSF reveals the results “This represents nearly $5 million in do very often. That’s why you see so many of initial and follow-up surveys of First retails sales,” NSSF reports. smiling faces at the Masters — we provide Shots handgun, rifle and shotgun semiTo download a PDF of the report, visit plenty of trigger time. For more In addition to having more information on First Shots, fun at the Masters than may including how to host a sembe legal, we raise money for inar, visit NSSF’s First Shots program. Need more information or asYes, we also support USA sistance? Contact First Shots’ Shooting and HAVA, two orvery enthusiastic manager, ganizations we sponsor and are Tisma Juett, at (203) 426-1320 devoted to helping. However, or via email: our primary fundraising at the Masters Firing Line Masters is for First Shots. At To help us raise even more SHOT Show 2012, we presented money for First Shots, and to a check for $94,000 to NSSF for enjoy that important trigger First Shots, money raised at our time, join us on the firing line in three most-recent Shooting InJuly. The 2012 Shooting Indusdustry Masters (see page 10). SI DIGITAL try Masters will be held July 20Why do we support First Hot Link 21 at the Rockcastle Shooting Shots? To the point: It works. It directly supports all of our busi- The Shooting Industry Masters is a lot of fun — and it helps build Center, Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. nesses at the all-important point- businesses by supporting the First Shots program. We’ll feature our handgun, of-purchase — at gun stores and gun ranges. By introducing new shooters nar participants. The 12-page report is a rifle and shotgun events, along with 15 to our sport in a safe, correct manner, First must-read, not only for those interested in side matches. Did I mention plenty of Shots helps develop customers. Even for hosting First Shots, but also for everyone trigger time? You can enter online at www.shootthose who don’t become avid shooters or in the industry who is interested in their For more inforcustomers, First Shots still makes a mark bottom line. by busting myths about firearms and gun Here’s one item from the report that mation, including donating prizes for our owners. That’s invaluable in countering will grab your attention: In the Hand- raffle to support First Shots, contact Elizathe anti-gun message that often permeates gun Participant Purchases section, NSSF beth O’Neill, Masters coordinator, by the media. asked the question: “About how much in email: Beer Budget 1911s W SI DIGITAL Hot Link hat do you offer your customers who, perhaps a bit quietly, tell you they don’t have a lot to spend, but they’d sure like to own a new 1911? American Handgunner offers five recommendations in “Beer Budget 1911s” in the March/April issue. “I like to get more for my money when I’m out gun shopping, as do most folks,” writes Pat Cascio. “I was really impressed with all these ‘economy’ 1911s we tested.” Of course, it will be a challenge not to gaze wantonly at the “Mirror Image Duo” on the magazine’s cover: two custom 1911s built by master pistolsmith Joe Chambers. To read about these firearms and other information-packed articles, visit Readers of SI Digital, click the hot link logo. Continued on page 45 46 MARCH 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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