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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 45

Industrywatch rowning’s 30 new knives in the Black Label Tactical Blades line rival that of any major knife manufacturer. Designed by Russ Kommer, with direct feedback from special operations, military, law enforcement and civilian knife experts, the line offers tactical blades to cover every mission. They include deep-cover neck knives, heavy-duty fixed-blade and folding utility knives, plus exotic push daggers, throwing knives and a combat tomahawk. For more information and specifications on the Black Label Tactical Blades, visit Continued from page 46 Email the Editor B Browning Cuts Deep The Boss Can Shoot T he folks at Savage are at it again. This time they’ve produced a TV commercial with CEO Ron Coburn attempting a one-shot hit on a target at 1,200 yards. Coburn is coached by 1,000-yard champion Stan Pate. The commercial is a follow-on to the popular version featuring Pate knocking down two targets at 1,169 yards. We like seeing “bosses” out at the range shooting. Yes, it’s important that bosses be smart businessmen and women. Yes, they should know how to make impressive PowerPoint presentations and not have crooked teeth or bad breath or mustard stains on their shirts, and they must know how to use the word “quantifiable” correctly in a sentence. Yes, I understand all that. But in the firearm industry, we expect the boss to shoot. They don’t have to be a “good shooter,” but we want to see them at the range pulling the trigger. If you don’t think that’s important, think again. SI DIGITAL You can view the commercial featuring CoHot Link burn on Savage’s Facebook page, Readers of SI Digital, Ron Coburn, Savage CEO, prepares to take a shot, coached by Stan Pate. click the hot link logo. Santorum Visits H&H HAVA To Hold Second National Family Day P AVA (Honored American Veterans Afield) is building on its successful National Family Day, which is held annually in November at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. The association has partnered with the ACADEMI Training Center to hold the First Annual HAVA/ACADEMI National Family Day at the 7,000acre ACADEMI Training Center in Moyock, N.C. The event on June 16 will host 75 disabled veterans and active duty military personnel, and their families. The goal is to grow the event to 500-plus participants. “HAVA is excited to join ACADEMI, the country’s leading private training and in creating a multiyear partnership for these American heroes,” said Tom Taylor, HAVA chairman. For more information on HAVA and ACADEMI, visit www.honoredveterans. org and H residential candidate Rick Santorum visited H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City on Feb. 9. Originally, Santorum had been invited to hold a rally at H&H, but when it was obvious the crowd would grow to around 2,000, the location was changed. However, Santorum visited the complex just before the rally. “I wish we could have had it here; this would have been perfect,” Santorum said. “I am very impressed. It is easy to see why gun ownership is so strong here, and I stand tall with the Second Amendment.” “It was a great honor to show a small, but important, part of the shooting industry to one of our presidential hopefuls,” said Miles Hall, founder and president of H&H. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum (left) joins For more information, visit www.hh- Miles Hall, founder and president of H&H Shooting Sports Complex, during a visit to the complex. 9 Join Us On The Firing Line! For The 2012 Shooting Industry Masters! page 34 At The Rockcastle Shooting Center MARCH 2012 45

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