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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 42

Secure Firearm Products Firing Pin Stop Tool The all-in-one Firing Pin Stop Tool and Bushing Wrench, for the M1911 pistol and clones, depresses the firing pin and inserts the firing pin stop in the slide. The Firing Pin Stop Tool also works on slides cut for Bo-Mar sights and Tangfolio pistols. It is available in non-marring nylon and anodized aluminum, and contains two bushing wrenches. Catch Your Brass Tactical Brass Catcher The Tactical Brass Catcher is constructed of high-quality, lightweight billet aluminum. The bag tray features 100-percent cotton that will not burn or melt from hot brass. It attaches to the quad rail or delta ring of most AR platform rifles from calibers 5.56/.223 up to .50 Beowulf. Bag can be emptied with one hand. Models available for right- and left-handed rifles. Eagle Imports Text First Line Bersa Thunder Ultra Text Compact PRO Eagle Imports introduces the Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO pistol series. The concealed carry, service-grade handgun, available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, features an improved Browning Petter barrel locking system, anatomically designed polymer grips and extended slide release. Frame is machined from a lightweight alloy with an integral Picatinny rail. Ideal for right- or left-handed shooters, the pistol includes ambidextrous features. Secure Firearm Products 1-800-257-8744 SI DIGITAL Catch Your Brass (520) 505-1802 SI DIGITAL Eagle Imports Company (732) Phone493-0333 # SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link Website Hot Link Maxpedition Tactical Gear Retractors Tactical Gear Retractors feature a heavy-duty retractable gear tether with stainless steel spring and durable, lightweight Kevlar cord. Several attachment styles and retraction forces are available. The larger of the two retractors has a carabiner option for a secure connection and quick disconnect, and the smaller retractor features a hook-and-loop strap option that secures to D-rings, straps, bars and more. Made in the USA. LaserLyte CK-SWAT The CK-SWAT side-mounted laser fits on all Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers and all Taurus revolvers, including the Judges and Public Defender. CK-SWAT mounts underneath the grip, and allows the user to retain the factory grip and easily holster the firearm. The CK-SWAT is also compatible with many aftermarket grips, including Hogue and Pachmayr. Laser is easily programmable to constant on or pulse mode, with a battery life of 10 hours in pulse mode. Próis Hunting Text First Line & Field Apparel Text HECS Stealthscreen Próis introduces the Intuition System HECS Stealthscreen hunting line, which features HECS concealment technology designed to give hunters more time in close proximity to game. HECS Stealthscreen material is made of conductive carbon fibers woven to reduce the electric signal of the human body. Maxpedition (310) 768-5950 SI DIGITAL LaserLyte Próis Hunting & Field Apparel Company (970) Phone641-3355 # SI DIGITAL (928) 649-3201 SI DIGITAL Website Hot Link Hot Link Hot Link 42 MARCH 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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