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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 35

By J.K. Autry COMFORTABLE Great Guns Excels In Developing Recreational Shooters MAKE THEM FEEL A s a dealer, you stock a lot of products to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from dedicated competition shooters, to a father or mother who wants to protect their family. But are you meeting the needs of your everyday customers — recreational shooters who enjoy going to the range on a weekend and shooting just for fun? have led to a lot of recreational shooters,” Peisert said. “People who never thought they wanted to have a gun decide to take the classes to get their license. It takes 140 rounds to qualify for concealed carry. By the time they shoot that many rounds, they realize it’s a lot of fun.” The concealed carry classes offered at Great Guns provide the training needed for a Missouri CCW permit, and are a step toward additional profits. “It’s led to a lot of sales of .22s to customers who want to go shoot out at the range. The CCW classes created a familiarity with the firearm. It’s not a foreign object anymore. I’ve had people who literally thought the gun would hurt them, whether they touched it or not. Selling to recreational shooters is all about getting them familiarized,” Peisert said. Welcoming Environment Maximizing sales to everyday shooters is also about making customers feel welcome and comfortable in your store, Peisert said. “I think dealers need to have a clean atmosphere so the whole family feels like they can come in — not a dirty, smokefilled shop so the wife and children don’t feel comfortable,” Peisert said, emphasizing that she makes an effort to ensure recreational shooters always feel welcome in Great Guns. Justin Eaton Kathy Peisert, owner of Great Guns in Liberty, Mo., has devoted her business to catering to recreational shooters and hunters. According to Peisert, that’s the way she likes it, and she has found a key to developing recreational customers — those seeking personal defense. “Concealed carry sales and training Kathy Peisert, owner of Great Guns in Liberty, Mo., says it’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere that will attract and keep customers. MARCH 2012 35

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