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Pump actions were the top-selling shotguns in November 2011, with Mossberg ranking as the top-selling brand. For 2012, Mossberg introduces the FLEX System, with 11 Model 500/590 base models and 16 FLEX accessory components. liaison for Galco, says he’s noted an increase in hunting-product sales. “I have been very pleasantly surprised at the interest dealers have in our new safari products, like the Culling Belt,” Barham said at SHOT Show 2012. “There has been a tremendous amount of interest in that, and I do think there is renewed interest in the hunting market.” How can dealers capitalize on long-gun accessories? “The opportunity for longgun accessory sales is twofold. The sling is to the rifle as the holster is to the handgun,” Barham said. “So, selling a long gun is an opportunity not only to sell an optic, but to sell a rifle sling. The other key product to offer is a rifle case. Customers need something to transport the rifle either to the hunting field or to the range. We try to teach that to dealers.” Shotgun and accessory sales are solid during hunting seasons, but recreational shooting — sporting clays, skeet and trap — also account for a respectable portion of shotgunrelated sales, according to Southwick’s data. “ The opportunity for long-gun accessory sales is twofold. The sling is to the rifle as the holster is to the handgun. Broader Shotgun Sales Strategy for more and more long-gun and accessory sales. Smart dealers are promoting hunting as a family activity. They know that moms and kids can be enthusiastic customers, once they are hooked on the fun of hunting or recreational shooting. Many dealers/range operators hold youth hunting days — something to consider in your operation. Over the last decade, participation by women in target shooting has 46.5 percent, Mike Barham, Galco Gunleather increased while women’s hunting has increased 36.6 perto prepare for both hunting and recre- cent, according to NASGW. And 61 ational shooting — accounted for the percent of firearm retailers respondmost shotgun activity (34.4%). ing to an NSSF survey said they have Shotguns are also a top option for seen an increase in female customers home-defense customers. More and more in their stores. consumers are realizing a shotgun is an For focused insight on what dealeffective deterrent to would-be home in- ers are doing to market to women, read truders, and is far easier to shoot with ac- Shooting Industry’s monthly column, curacy than a handgun. “Arms And The Woman.” Lisa ParsonsWraith reports on what dealers around It’s Not All About Men the country are doing to increase their Youth and women are accounting sales to women. 9 While deer hunting took hunters to the field far more than any other activity in November — followed by smallgame hunting — upland waterfowl was the third most popular form of hunting reported in the Southwick survey (15%). Pattern shooting — necessary ” Gun cases rank high as a top-selling long-gun accessory. Browning’s new Bear River Floater Case in Realtree Max-4 has a 600-denier polyester shell and closed-cell foam padding. Southwick — Top-Selling Firearms, Ammunition & Riflescopes Category Rifles Shotguns RifleAmmo SGAmmo Riflescopes Aug.201 1 Brand Remington Remington Remington Winchester Nikon MS* 20% 25% 26% 34% 1 9% Sept.201 1 Brand Savage Remington Remington Winchester Bushnell MS* 1 3% 31% 29% 37% 32% Oct.201 1 Brand Remington Mossberg Remington Winchester Bushnell MS* 1 8% 35% 27% 32% 1 8% Nov.201 1 Brand Remington Mossberg Remington Remington Bushnell MS* 1 6% 1 8% 31% 27% 20% *Marketshare:Percentageofallretailsalesattributabletothebrand. 32 MARCH 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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