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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 27

Arms and the woman Hot Caliber Bling L ooking for some attention-getting items for your front counter? How about bullet jewelry from Hot Caliber? The line consists of pendants, cufflinks and keychains with a flattened bullet as the centerpiece. Hot Caliber has fired over 4,000 rounds to perfect a technique that keeps the bullet from disintegrating when it hits a hard surface. They found a method to create the necessary velocity, weight, shape and angle needed so the bullet reaches molten temperatures when it hits the target, and then melts, crushes and cools into the flattened bullet. To create a unique piece of jewelry, Hot Caliber fires 100 rounds to find the perfect flattened bullet. Each bullet is numbered with the edition it comes from, and is limited to a specific quantity. Then, a mold is taken and cast in precious metal, ensuring the jewelry is lead free and safe. Hot Caliber bullet jewelry features a flattened bullet as the centerpiece, and includes options for men and women. All of the jewelry is available in solid sterling silver and 14k gold. Necklaces come in three sizes — the Derringer, the Marksman and the Magnum — and your customer can choose from a silver beaded chain or a rubber necklace. There is also the option of a black oxidized silver look or polished silver. All of Hot Caliber’s products are made in the USA. The jewelry is designed in styles that are also appropriate for men — ensuring Hot Caliber products will appeal to all of your customers. Avid shooters may view these items and perfect his-and-her gift items for holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. Hot Caliber will work with dealers on their displays, and make it easy to carry this conversation-starting jewelry. For more information, visit www. 9 MARCH 2012 27

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