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Shooting Industry March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 14

Industry news ushmaster Firearms International announces that the Kanawha (W.Va.) County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 50 custom-built Bushmaster 5.56mm rifles. “With the collapsible stock carbines, we have successfully trained and equipped individuals ranging from barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, to those who were 6 feet, 10 inches,” said Lt. Rick Rose, a Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office firearms instructor. “We believe the residents of Kanawha County are safer with officers who are confident and comfortable with their issued weapon.” For more information, visit www. B Bushmaster Arms West Virginia Officers Remington Announces L.E. Contracts For 870s emington Arms announces the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently purchased an additional 300 Remington Model 870 shotguns designated specifically for use in their “less-thanlethal” program. The shotguns were custom designed by the Sheriff’s Department, and built by Remington’s Law Enforcement Custom Build Division. They have brightly colored buttstocks for easy identification as “less-than-lethal.” R Join Us On The Firing Line! For The 2012 Shooting Industry Masters! page 34 14 MARCH 2012 Remington also announces the Mississippi Highway Patrol has again chosen the Remington Model 870 Police Magnum as the department’s issued shotgun. “We are proud to say that all of our 600 troopers now have a Model 870 shotgun in their patrol car, and everybody is certified with it. No need for cross training, since every trooper now has the same shotgun,” said Phillip Hemphill, of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. For more information, visit www. At The Rockcastle Shooting Center Subscribe to SI Digital Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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