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Shooting Industry March 2011 - Page 42

Harness the power of the world-wide-web to bring new customers to your door. Increase Your Sales Offer Customers A Fully Stocked Bushmaster Firearms Bore Squeeg-E The Bushmaster Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System is a pull-through system that includes the new Bore SqueegE. It is made from a proprietary polymer that is not affected by cleaning chemicals. It is designed to scrape the lands and grooves of the bore to a mirror-clean condition, and keep the abrasive carbon fouling from harming the bore. The system comes standard with Bushmaster’s new line of MASTER cleaning chemicals: Bore Cleaner & Polish, Bore Rinse, and Lubricant & Protectant. ONLINE STORE Now Your Website Can Offer Over 10,000 Products Ontario Knife Co. Hossom Folder The Ontario Knife Hossom Folder series, designed by knife craftsman Jerry Hossom, features satin-finish blades crafted from NO90Co-Cobalt stainless steel, with Titanium liner locks. They have green Micarta handles. The Large Ontario Knife Hossom Folder has a 4.265" blade. The Medium model has a 3.875" long blade. DISTRIBUTOR CATALOG Call Today for a Free Consultation and Online Demo Toll Free: 1-800-699-0820 - Distributor Product & Inventory Link Bushmaster Firearms - One-Click-To-Ship (207) 892-3594 - Custom Design & Branding SI DIGITAL Ontario Knife Co. (716) 676-5527 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link Hunter’s Specialties Rasp Pack The Rasp Pack includes three of Hunter’s Specialties’ most popular diaphragm calls: the Premium Flex Cutt’n 2.5, E-Z Rasp and Split V II. They feature Hunter’s Specialties Infinity Latex. The Rasp Pack comes with Hunter’s Specialties’ new breathable diaphragm Call Caddy (also available separately), which can hold up to eight diaphragm calls. It has a neck lanyard and its breathable material allows the calls to dry quickly. Barnett Outdoors CarbonLite Crossbows Barnett Outdoors’ GHOST 350 and 400 CarbonLite crossbows feature new CRT (Carbon Riser Technology), which advances strength-to-weight ratio and is the only patent-protected, super-strong ultralight carbon riser available for crossbows. The CRT Riser offers a 5-to-1 safety factor. The crossbows also feature Barnett’s AVI molded, over-laminated limbs that reduce noise and vibration up to 30 percent over standard limb designs. Hunter’s Specialties (319) 395-0321 SI DIGITAL Barnett Outdoors (727) 234-4962 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link 42 MARCH 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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