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Shooting Industry March 2011 - Page 37

By Greg Staunton PROFIT Tips To Solidify Your Long Gun & Accessory Sales Zeroing IN On G un dealers who have solid business in long guns and accessories likely have a solid business overall. Sales data consistently shows that long guns comprise nearly half of all firearm purchases. From traditional rifles and shotguns to must-have modern sporting rifles (ARs) — and a mind-boggling array of accessories — the long-gun market remains viable. stock inventory and market long guns? “Auto-loading rifles are not as busy as they were, but they’re still a viable market,” Lepp said. “There’s a little bit of salesmanship and patience involved in selling ARs these days. With the prodigious number of companies making them, and the variations within them, there is an awful lot to choose from. We work at acquiring things at the right price so we can sell them more easily.” In modern sporting rifles, Have you reevaluated your long-gun and accessory business lately? Are you capturing all of the market you should, based on your customers’ specific self-defense, hunting and targetshooting needs? Jeff Lepp, and his wife, Kim, are 16-year owners of Specialty Sports & Supply in Colorado Springs, Colo. They were recently named the 2010 Ruger Retailer of the Year. According to Jeff Lepp, they sell “everything that relates to guns.” The 15,000-square-foot store bulges with inventory. What are today’s long-gun trends, as Lepp sees them? Has the hot AR market cooled down? How is the economy affecting the way dealers New for 2011, Browning’s Citori Micro Midas Satin Hunter, in 12- and 20-gauge, is designed for those of smaller frame and stature. Visit www. Voice Of Success HiViz’s Tactical Shotgun Front Sight replaces a factory front sight on 12- and 20-gauge shotguns. Visit hivizsights. MARCH 2011 37

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