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Shooting Industry March 2011 - Page 26

TURKEY LITE, Take Advantage Of Trends To Boost Your Gobbler-Getting Sales! T urkey hunters love new stuff. They want the newest calls, the latest camo and the neatest new decoys — anything that will help them in their pursuit of elusive, boss gobblers. That unquenchable desire to try new products means profits for dealers who pay attention to trends in the market. semiautomatics is they help absorb a lot of that recoil. Most manufacturers have a 20-gauge semiautomatic in their lines.” Sidelinger says the Mossberg SA-20 was his choice when he bought a new turkey gun for his wife. “I wanted her to have a lightweight gun that didn’t hurt,” he said. One advantage of the trend towards lightweight 20-gauges is it is helping recruit new hunters. “Recoil is an issue with smallerframed shooters, both women and youth,” Sidelinger said. “For example, my daughter was with us on a turkey hunt when she was 12. She was gun-shy because of re- Some notable trends in today’s turkey market make it easier for you to reach two segments of hunters, according to Mark Sidelinger, a marketing consultant to a number of hunting and firearm companies, and an accomplished turkey hunter. The markets: Those hunters who are aging, and those who are young and just learning to turkey hunt. Although these two market segments may seem worlds apart, especially in experience, what they need in the way of guns and ammunition have strong parallels. “In shotguns, there’s a trend toward the 20-gauge, largely in semiautomatics,” Sidelinger said. “A lot of hunters like to carry lightweight shotguns, but when you’re using a shotgun with a 3" Magnum load, it hurts going out and it hurts coming back. The nice thing about lightweight 20-gauge Quaker Boy’s A’Banshee Box Call is designed for loud long-distance and soft close-in calling. Visit 26 MARCH 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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