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Shooting Industry March 2011 - Page 21

Outdoor marketplace LaserLyte Introduces New Demo Stand aserLyte recently unveiled its new and improved Demo Stand, now available to dealers through Ellett Brothers, AcuSport, RSR and other distributors. The demo guns attach to the platform using a magnetic system, alleviating the problem of snagged cords. The stand arrives with 40 catalogs and only occupies a square foot of counter space. The stand comes with five blue demo guns with mounted lasers. They include the Taurus Judge Public Defender with CK-TA, Glock 19 with RL-1, Smith & Wesson Jframe with CK-SW, XD Sub-Compact with FSL-3 laser and N.A.A. 22LR with NAA-1. LaserLyte also has new packaging, featuring an eye-catching design and an upgraded modular system. The new packaging comes in two sizes: 4 3/4"x5" and 5"x10". The ultra-flat, formfitting clam design allows for three times more product to be placed on hanging pegs. To become a LaserLyte retailer, contact your distributor. To be referred to a distributor, contact LaserLyte at (928) 649-3201 or by email: Buck Knives Renews American Commitment n 2009, Buck Knives announced a plan to manufacture its knives solely in the U.S. — calling the initiative its American Commitment. Now, two years later, Buck is renewing its pledge, which CJ Buck, president of the 108-year-old family company, says “has been effective in every way.” “Most important, it has been our small way of helping reverse a growing trend to move jobs offshore, while America has too many jobless workers,” Buck said. The American Commitment spurred healthy increases in the company’s Idaho workforce, as Buck brought back the production of many knives that had been outsourced. As a result, Buck built 30 percent more products in Idaho in 2010 than the previous year. “We are proud that 100 percent of our hunting knives are made here in Post Falls,” Buck said. “Perhaps more meaningful, 93 percent of the many 2011 new products are being made in our plant.” Even in a soft market, Buck’s sales volume and profitably have shown significant gains since introducing the American Commitment. Buck says the company has received a very positive response from both consumers and dealers. He found most customers prefer an American-made knife, “especially if it has the Buck brand name on it.” For more information on Buck Knives and its American Commitment, visit www. I L Plano’s Manta Offers Crossbow Storage Solution R elaxed bowhunting regulations in many states have prompted the introduction of different styles and models of crossbows. The new Plano Manta case is designed to accommodate state-of-the-art crossbows of all shapes and sizes. “Today’s crossbows have advanced rapidly from new technology in engineering and materials,” said Jesse Simpkins, marketing vice president at Plano. “The newest designs quickly outdistanced our original crossbow case configuration, but our ingenious new Manta now offers the perfect casing solution for all of them. ” The Manta’s “tail” adjusts as necessary for long- and short-tail stocks, further adding to the case’s flexibility in accommodating brands like Ten Point GT Mag., Excalibur Exomax, Darton Lightning, Horton Vision 175, Barnett Quad 400 and Ten Point Titan II. The Manta Model 1133 retails for about $100. For more information, visit 9 Plano Manta Crossbow Case DRIVING SALES: Ongoing Programs, Rebates & Promotions For a WEEKLY updated listing, visit SI DIGITAL Bonus Consumer Promotions: ArmaLite • $101 ArmaLite Bucks; with purchase of any ArmaLite rifle Through March 31 Browning • $75 in free shotshells; with purchase of Maxus Autoloading Shotgun • $100 check; with purchase of Cynergy or Citori Shotgun • Free X-Bolt Softshell Jacket; with purchase of X-Bolt Rifle Through May 31 CCI Ammunition • Free Champion .22 Single Spinner Target; with purchase of two boxes of ammo Through May 31 Federal Premium • Up to $20 back; with purchase of turkey ammo • Free hat; with purchase of Mag-Shok turkey loads Through May 31 Franchi • Up to $200 rebate; with purchase of Franchi I-12 or Renaissance shotgun Through July 31 Hornady • Free bullets; select purchases Through Dec. 31 Marlin Firearms • $25 cash back; with purchase of Model 795 Through Dec. 31 Nosler • Free Trophy Grade and Match Grade ammo; Sportsman’s Stimulus Plan Through May 15 RCBS • $10 rebate; with $50 purchase • $50 rebate; with $300 purchase Through March 31 Remington • Up to $75 cash back; Spring 2011 Rebate Roundup Through May 31 • $25 cash back; with purchase of Model 597 Through Dec. 31 Dealer-Only Promotions: McGowen Precision Barrels • 30% off retail pricing for new dealers (406) 755-4907 O.F. Mossberg & Sons • Assorted prizes, including Xtreme Training Experience; Dealer Sales Associate Incentive Program Through May 31 • Free firearms with multi-gun package purchases; Stocking Dealer Purchase Program Through Sept. 30 • 40% off price of up to two Mossberg or Mossberg International firearms per year; VIP Discount Purchase Program E-mail your Programs, Rebates & Promotions to: MARCH 2011 21

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