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Shooting Industry March 2011 - Page 1

INDUSTRY STARTS 2011 STRONG, DEALERS LIFT SPIRITS TURKEY LITE, MARCH 2011 PROFIT HEAV Y Trend-DrivingSales! KNIFE SURGE SALES The most advanced training aid for Trap, Skeet And Sporting Clay Shooters alike “see where you are missing.” The Fiocchi Chemical Tracer powered by Cyalume, provides a daytime visible trace that travels with the cloud of shot as it hits or misses the clay bird.The Chemical Tracer is non-incendiary, non-toxic and meets EPA and Consumer Safety compliance. It leaves no residue in the barrel and is non-corrosive. The 12 Gauge 3/4 oz #8 shot + Cyalume Tracer Load is light sensitive and is therefore packaged as part of the New and Innovative Fiocchi ‘Canned Heat’ Line. A TRUE PAIR The Fiocchi Chemical Tracer “see where you are missing” Accessories Zero In On Profit Since 1876 Long Guns & SI DIGITAL FREE Subscription Visit Untitled-1 1 1/27/11 3:37:19 PM For the Fiocchi dealer near you, Call 417.449.1043 / visit

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