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Shooting Industry March 2010 - Page 38

buyers that the Internet and big-box stores can’t — expertise and advice.” On Spyderco’s Web site, www., click the “Edge-U-Cation” tab to find a wealth of information on steels, “knife anatomy,” handle and sheath materials, and a complete glossary of knife terms. “Third, study your market,” Fisher said, referring both to the market you have, and the market you’re missing and would like to have. “For instance, we’re in the heart of great hunting country, so we pay a lot of attention to learning what hunters want and need in field and skinning knives,” she said. The same applies to tactical designs, gentlemen’s knives and collectible custom blades. If you’re lacking sales in these areas, visits to dedicated cutlery stores can give you solid leads about what’s hot in the markets you’re not tapping. To get a better idea of styles wildly popular with younger buyers, check out Mantis Knives’ Web site, Radical designs can generate radical profits! “Fourth,” Fisher continued, “recognize and capitalize on the value of brand loyalty — names that command respect; makers whose names alone can open and close a sale.” She cited Browning knives as an example. “People see the name Browning or the Buck Mark logo, and they’re assured of high quality,” Fisher said. Very popular with younger buyers, Mantis Knives like the Jyro offer innovative designs, solid construction and low MSRPs. For 2010, Browning adds Model 111 lockback folding models, designed by Russ Kommer for Browning. Many customers are very brand loyal and are drawn to logos and company names they favor. Logo Loyalty & Building Relationships “Case knives are seen not only for their excellent quality, but also as pure American history. They have tremendous appeal for those who appreciate tradition and want 100-percent, made-in-the-USA goods. Buck is another name people recognize immediately and associate with sturdy, quality knives. The Buck folding Model 110 Hunter is a classic, and still a modern favorite.” Fisher says another thing to remember is that logo loyalty extends to the knives offered by gunmakers, too. “Smith & Wesson, Remington and Beretta are good examples,” she said. “And Continued on page 40 Countdown Magazine Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit Magazine well Grips Always know how many rounds exactly are left at a glance. The innovative & unique CountDown magazine has a color-coded & numeric indicator on the rear & bottom of the magazine, showing the exact number of left rounds. .223 30 round polymer magazine with stainless steel spring and anti-tilt follower. 100% reliability and lifetime guarantee. Item #: CDMAG Convert your pistol to an accurate assault rifle in less than 5 seconds. EMA’s new RONI is a hinged polymer and aluminum carbine frame that opens to allow the operator to insert their handgun. All NFA Rules apply. No pistol disassembly required. Item #: RONI Our new grips provide a comfortable solution. These ambidextrous grips are positioned at a balancing point on the rifle providing a comfortable no slip carry option. Three different models provide the user with their choice of magazine grip. Item # MGRIP MGRIP1 MGRIP2 P: 215.949.9944 • F: 215.949.9191 1208 Branagan Drive, Tullytown PA, 19007 CK TO S IN W! TS NO C G DU IN RO HIPP P L AL & S 38 MARCH 2010 EMA_0052_SI_4-10_HalfEMA_7x5.indd 1 Read SI DIGITAL 1/29/10 3:20 PM

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