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Shooting Industry March 2010 - Page 31

By Russ Thurman Long Guns Despite A Sour Economy, Sales Will Be Steady In 2010 & Accessories Accessories Where’s The Market? a T T burn, Savage Arms CEO. “I don’t see any reason to be concerned about the economy in 2010 as it relates to the firearms industry. I think we’re going to have a good year. I don’t think it’s going to be a robust year like last year, but I think it will be a decent year, maybe a plateau year. But the bar is still higher than it was years ago, so I’ll take that.” In January, SHOT Show 2010 boosted the optimism of many exhibitors. “I was a little more pessimistic about 2010 prospects before coming to this show, but that’s changed after listening to the dealers and seeing their enthusiasm. They’re talking about pretty good foot traffic in their stores,” said Bryan Tucker, Davidson’s CEO. “I don’t believe this year will match Ron Coburn, Savage CEO, says “People are looking for better value, the increases we had and they want a traditional product.” Visit www.shootingindustry. in 2009, but I think com/savagearms.html. 2010 will be a good he long-gun market for 2010 is forecasted to be steady, according to executives in the industry, with a leveling, somewhat, of the AR segment, and a hoped-for increase in the traditional market. “You’ve heard this term many times: cautiously optimistic, and I think it applies more now than prior years,” said Ron Co- ArmaLite’s new SPR Mod 1 has three detachable rails for quick changing of accessories. Visit year, if we do our blocking and tackling, and do our work.” “The consensus of the people here is that it’s going to be a strong year, especially for ammunition,” said Dick Hammett, Winchester Ammunition president. “Our customers, almost to a person, are very enthusiastic — more enthusiastic than I would have been. They’re lifting my spirits. They all look forward to a good year.” During 2009, the challenge manufacturers faced was making enough firearms to meet the demand. For 2010, with the cooling of white-hot sales, consumers are looking for value. “For Remington, our firearm sales are being driven by the economy. In our lower price-point guns, anything under $600, we’re seeing very good demand, so we’re really excited about that,” said Ted Torbeck, Freedom Group CEO, at the SHOT Show. “We’re expecting this year to be level with 2009. Not a whole lot of growth, but a steady business for us.” MARCH 2010 31

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