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Shooting Industry March 2010 - Page 28

The Winchester Super X3 NWTF Cantilever Extreme Turkey has a 24" barrel with 3 1/2" chamber and an Extra-Full Extended Turkey choke tube. quito hatch and desperately need relief from bugs,” Story said. “Nothing beats ThermaCELL. They work on black flies, mosquitoes — even tsetse flies.” Sapp wants to see more kinds of products available during the season. “I’d like to see a wider variety of brands offered for decoys, calls, facemasks, gloves, gun rests, binoculars and vests,” she said. “Some stores offer only one or two of the major brands of anything.” Larry Reese, from Quincy, Fla., wants products that are dependable in function. “I want to see turkey decoys that collapse and redeploy with no wrinkles,” he said. “Also, comfortable unfolding chairs that won’t break down while holding 250-pound guys, turkey vests with attached ‘flip seats’ that fit 6' and up guys, and real raingear.” Mark Strand, from Woodbury, Minn., defined good rain gear. “Quiet, breathable camo rainwear is something turkey hunters really need,” he said. “I wear rain pants every day, because who knows when it’s going to rain. Good- quality rain pants are more a necessity than a luxury.” Many retailers forget box call chalk. “I like Penn’s Woods No Mess Box Call Chalk,” Story said. “It comes in a plastic tube so you don’t have to worry about chalk dust everywhere.” Chris Lalik, from Lenexa, Kan., is vice president of marketing and operations of Puma Knife Company, and likes portable blinds. “I particularly like some of the Ameristep blinds that come with straps and a case so you can carry them on your back,” he said. “These are great when hunting with kids and adults who don’t quite understand the importance of sitting still yet.” Gasaway says he buys camo clothing every couple of years. “Camo suits are important to me as I seem to outgrow my suits each year or two — or maybe they shrink in the wash — and I have to buy a new one,” he said. “Stores have a good supply early, but are soon out of my size before the season begins.” Don’t overlook facemasks and gloves. “I especially like the Hunters Specialties 3/4 masks and Long Paws gloves,” Story said. Remember to take care of your women hunters’ clothing needs, as well. “It’s hard to find a vest that fits my small frame,” Sapp said. “I’ve tried several vests, and I’m satisfied for the time being with my HS Strut Sport Utility vest. Also, I’m always looking for a facemask, hat and gloves that fit me. Fit is very frustrating for me as I’m petite.” Clothing & Boots Chris Lalik’s daughter, Caroline, took her second-ever gobbler outside Paola, Kan. Caroline, seen with her little brother, Jack, took the tom with a Remington 1187 20-gauge youth gun, using HeviShot #6. Provide Service & Expertise All Season Long any turkey hunters want help patterning their shotguns. “I’d like to see the retailers utilize a pattern board for customers to bring in their guns, chokes and shells,” said Randy Clark of Newtown, Conn., and the managing director of business development for NSSF. “This would give customers the opportunity to see what combinations of guns, chokes and loads perform best.” Allen Ricks, from Morristown, Tenn., agrees. “It’s always fairly expensive to pattern 28 MARCH 2010 M a new shotgun or choke tube,” he said. “Several different brands and sizes of ammo are needed to adequately do this. It would be very helpful if a shop had a location to allow a person — for a reasonable fee — to try different ammunition.” Hunters want a chance to “test drive” products. “I would love it if stores had ‘test’ calls on the shelf that I could run before I buy,” Sapp said. “It would be nice to get my hands on test decoys as well, so I can see how easy they are to stow in my vest and how easy Remington’s value-priced Nitro Turkey Buffered Loads offer copper-shot performance, featuring Nitro Mag extra-hard lead shot. Read SI DIGITAL

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