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Shooting Industry March 2010 - Page 27

By Carolee Anita Boyles Hunters here’s no doubt about it — turkey hunting is hot. A quick look at the number of turkey-related products is all it takes to confirm that this segment of the marketplace is one of the bright spots in hunting. First, there are a staggering number of turkey guns available, with new models being introduced this year. And shotguns are just the beginning. With the seemingly endless list of turkey-related products available, it can be a challenge for dealers to know what to stock and what to promote. In a Shooting Industry survey of selected turkey hunt- Really Want? Want? Accessories Galore And Your Expertise! T ers, the most-mentioned products weren’t firearms, but rather shotshells, camo, turkey calls and other accessories — which is good news for your bottom line. These mostly expendable items offer better margins than firearms, bring customers through your door frequently Stephen Bauer/National Wild Turkey Federation and put dollars in your pocket. Fulfill Accessory Needs — From Shotshells To Decoys ne almost universal comment from hunters is that they can’t find enough shotshells. “The most important item is ammunition in a variety of brands and sizes,” said Frank Freshwater, of central Texas. “I also want to see a wide selection of chokes. Some guns won’t pattern well with new chokes until you’ve tried six or more combinations of brands and shot sizes.” David Nicholson, from Tallahassee, Fla., is loyal to Federal ammo, while Don Gasaway, from Marion, Ill., favors Winchester ammo. “I use Federal Premium Turkey Loads in #4 and #6,” Nicholson said. Also, don’t forget hunters who like 20-gauge. O “Sometimes it’s hard to find a wide selection of 20-gauge ammo,” said Tammy Sapp, from Aiken, S.C. “I especially would like to be able to find Hevi-Shot.” Rick Story, from Pickerington, Ohio, agrees. “I’ve been using a lot of 20-gauge in recent years,” Story said. “I really like Winchester Elite Extended Range shells in both 12 and 20.” Nicholson looks for a variety of products. “I want an assortment of turkey calls, both mouth and friction calls, More Brands To Choose From and lots of decoys,” he said. “I use those things often, and purchase as my supplies run low or when new and better items are offered.” Stan Kirkland, from Lynn Haven, Fla., is a wildlife agency information specialist who says insect repellent ranks high on his “must-have” list, and fellow hunters agree. “I particularly want to be able to get ThermaCELL products and the accompanying mats and fuel,” he said. “Some days you find yourself in a place with a mos- The H.S. Strut Ultimate Waist Pack has 15 storage compartments for diaphragm calls, pan calls, shotgun shells, strikers, license and other hunting gear, plus external box call holster. MARCH 2010 27

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