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Outdoor Outdoor marketplace Selling Preparedness With ASAP Survival Gear J.K. Autry D evastating hurricanes, crippling of sales and marketing. extreme cold to flooding. blizzards, catastrophic earthASAP offers four starter packs — For the dealer, the beauty of these quakes and shattering tornadoes Sidekick, Sentinel, Survivor and SOS packs lies in the fact that they are fully — virtually every geographic area of Marine — that contain “everything customizable, meaning customers can add the United States is hit with items specific to their needs. natural disasters. When faced All customers, from serious with the next Hurricane Kahunters to everyday Ameritrina or California wildfire, cans, can find a pack that appreparation for survival may peals to them. make all the difference in a “Not only are there four life-or-death situation. starter packs that are preasIt’s easy to think “a natusembled, but there are 10 ral disaster will never afmodules that can be added fect me,” but what happens to meet specific needs,” Tayif you’re in a hunting aclor said. “Say a couple has cident or you’re lost in the two kids and they want to be woods overnight in sub-zero prepared for survival after a temperatures? These, and disaster. There are modules other everyday scenarios, that come in separate bags hit a lot closer to home. To they can put in the pack that help everyone from hunters enhances it for survival, to housewives be prepared from natural disaster to vewhen disaster strikes, O.F. hicle emergencies.” Mossberg & Sons has intro- Ian Connor, Mossberg’s marketing coordinator, says ASAP Survival Gear The 10 modules currently duced ASAP Survival Gear. helps dealers become a one-stop shop for survival needs. offered — Natural Disas“Dealers will like this ter, Winter Home Survival, product, since it meets a need that’s on you need, nothing you don’t” when Communications, Vehicle Emergency, a lot of peoples’ minds, and dealers will faced with an emergency. The packs are Body Care and Hygiene, College Bound, recognize many of the brand names of chock-full of essential items to help one Children’s Care, Travel Comfort, Pet Care products that are in the packs,” said to two people survive for 24 to 72 hours and Food and Water — can satisfy virtuTom Taylor, Mossberg vice president in a variety of conditions, ranging from ally any survival need. Russ Thurman One-Stop Shop For Survival any dealers already offer individual products customers need for disaster preparedness. And, there is a growing market for such products as more consumers realize they should be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Carrying ASAP Survival Gear provides an opportunity for the dealer to become a one-stop shop for survival needs, explains Ian Connor, Mossberg marketing coordinator. “People are out shopping; they want to be prepared, but they don’t know where to get everything they need in one place,” Connor said. “People don’t have the time to go looking around for all the supplies they need. What this does is takes the thinking out of it for the customer, so for the dealer it’s easy to sell.” Not only are the ASAP Survival Gear packs easy to sell and attractive to customers, but prices ranging from $119 to $500 give customers an 20 MARCH 2010 M affordable, preassembled pack they might spend significantly more on if they tried to put it together on their own. Plus, the variety of starter packs and modules available ensure customers will get the pack that perfectly suits their needs. For example, customers looking for a basic pack to assist them if their car runs out of gas in a remote area could choose the Sidekick. Intended for short-term emergencies and lower-risk situations, the rip-stop pack includes emergency food and water rations for two people for one day, a compact firstaid kit, headlamp, emergency blankets, waterproof matches, wet fire tinder, signaling whistle, lightstick Mossberg has developed a number of promotional pieces to help sell ASAP Survival Gear. Read SI DIGITAL

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