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Shooting Industry March 2008 - Page 1

SHOT SHOW SHATTERS RECORDS MARCH 2008 TARGET TURKEY HUNTERS LONG GUNS & ACCESSORIES Dump Summer Slump CharlesDaly ® DEFENSE For Law Enforcement, Military, Home Defense, Target and Varmint Shooters Blade Profits Charles Daly brings its long tradition of firearms expertise to the AR industry. Offering superb Mil-Spec quality at competitive prices, our CDD-15 line of rifles and carbines come in a variety of popular configurations with many standard features usually considered custom, all covered under our limited “Lifetime Repair Policy” . Your Cop Shop? — II Lethal Force CharlesDaly ® DEFENSE www Visit for more information. P .O . Box 6625 • Harrisburg, PA 17112 • T elephone: 866-DAL Y GUN • Fax: (717) 540-8567 Circle No. 205 on Inquiry Card

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