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Shooting Industry June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 36

Ewasiuk calls Hoppe’s BoreSnake “dental floss for your gun barrel.” The Soft-Sided Gun Cleaning Kit includes Hoppe’s No. 9. Visit In extra handgun magazines, Ewasiuk “always goes with the manufacturer’s” versions and doesn’t stock aftermarket options. The zombies also have invaded the Omaha area and, like thousands of other dealers, The Bullet Hole has “jumped on the bandwagon.” “We have zombie targets to shoot at and we do carry the Hornady zombie ammo,” Ewasiuk said. “I didn’t think the zombie thing would be this long-lived, but it made a resurgence here over Halloween and still seems to raise its head every week or so.” The Bullet Hole’s 12-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range is an asset, which Ewasiuk says plays an important role in boosting accessory sales. “I think it helps tremendously to have Create A Dialogue a range onsite. You get people out on the range, they get to talking to each other and they get to see what the person on either side of them is using,” Ewasiuk said. The range atmosphere gives Ewasiuk and her staff yet another opportunity to get out from behind the counter and engage the customers. “A dealer’s biggest mistake is failing to engage the customer in conversation,” Ewasiuk said. “You have to create a dialogue; you have to let them know they are wanted in the store. Think of your store as a destination spot — people come here because they are looking for something a gun store is going to sell.” Not surprisingly, Ewasiuk has a unique job title. “We refer to her as our ‘education coordinator.’ Her value far exceeds her title, however,” said Wes Ewasiuk, owner of The Bullet Hole. 9 Galco holsters rate high at The Bullet Hole. This Galco Stinger model is designed for the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Visit 36 JUNE 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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