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Shooting Industry June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 12

Meprolight Day/Night MIL-SPEC Reflex Sights Industry news NASGW Gives To NRA Zero. Mepro M21 Battery-free fiber optic and tritium reliability. Always on. Always ready. T Mepro Mor When the fear of battery failure slams into your gut, knowing that your rifle sight has Meprolight’s battery-free technology lets you focus on your target. Fiber optics, tritium, and variable LED reticle illumination, plus two laser pointers, make this the world’s most versatile sight. Unlike ordinary battery powered sights, Mepro MOR gives you a bright reticle even if batteries fail. See these at your gun shop or ask your procurement officer to call 631 880-3396. he board of directors of the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) has voted to donate $50,000 ($25,000 each) to the NRA and the NRA-ILA. “This is a very important year for our entire industry. Both federal and state elections will directly affect our future, and we felt it was important for NASGW as an organization to be involved,” said Jack Baumler, NASGW chairman. “NASGW’s generous gift will greatly benefit NRA Voice of Freedom,” said Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president. “The Voice of Freedom allows NRA to get the truth out to the American people without the jaundiced editorializing by networks and newspapers. This contribution will have a significant impact in our fight for freedom, and we are grateful for NASGW’s vital partnership.” Visit DeaDly. accurate. InnovatIon. Chosen by the I.D.F. Made in Israel. Trusted in America. | 631 880-3396 | | The full line of Meprolight Optical Sights is distributed in the USA only by The Mako Group World’s Finest Magazines MEC-GAR is proud to offer “Optimum” - our new and unique series of high capacity flush-fit pistol magazines. The new design of the magazine housing and interlinked magazine components, together with a special Anti-Friction Coating offer far superior performance even in difficult operational environments. The increased firepower of MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazines can be further raised by an optional “Plus Two” adapter. “Plus Two” is a new set of hollow butt-plate and inner base to raise the capacity of the MEC-GAR “Optimum” magazine by 2-rounds and stick out only 5/8” from the butt of the pistol! Available For: Beretta 92FS 9mm 18rd / 20rd Beretta 96FS .40S&W 13rd / 15rd Para-Ordnance P14 .45ACP 14rd SIG P226 9mm 18rd / 20rd SIG P226 .40S&W 13rd / 15rd Springfield XD 9mm 18rd Springfield XD .40S&W 13rd Taurus PT92 9mm 18rd / 20rd Taurus PT100 .40S&W 13rd / 15rd Mec-Gar USA, Inc., 905 Middle Street, Middletown, CT 06457 Tel: (800) 632-4271 Fax: (860) 635-1712 Otis Raises Funds, Announces Winner tis Technology held its Sixth Annual Invitational Golf Outing for Charity last year, raising $40,000 for the Fort Drum (N.Y.) Family Morale Welfare Recreation (FMWR) and the Lewis County Humane Society. Fort Drum’s FMWR will use the funds to improve programs, activities, facilities and services that enhance the quality of life for soldiers and their families. The Lewis County Humane Society is using the funds to remodel their building. Otis also announces that Barbara Snyder is the 2012 Trip of a Lifetime winner. The company offers the sweepstakes every two years as a way to show support to U.S. military personnel. The trip includes travel, lodging and expenses for two anywhere in the world, up to a total value of $10,000. Visit “OPTIMUM”. THE WORLD’S BEST MAGAZINES O 12 JUNE 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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