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Shooting Industry June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 8

Industry Industrynews Mighty Minis Drive Women’s Market — pg. 22 Industry Responds To Mexico’s Litigation Threat I n April, NSSF responded to confirmed reports that Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s government had hired U.S. trial lawyers to investigate possible litigation against U.S. gun manufacturers and firearms retailers, seeking to hold the companies responsible for the criminal misuse of firearms in Mexico. The NSSF noted on its blog that it “respects the work of President Calderon to willingly take on his country’s powerful drug cartels; however, we are disappointed that he would seek to hold lawabiding American companies responsible for crime in Mexico.” NSSF pointed out that investigative reports show more than 80 percent of the firearms recovered in Mexico do not come from the United States, and that a recent report from the independent research “ It is wrong for anyone to blame America’s firearms industry for the problems Mexico is currently facing. group STRATFOR determined that less than 12 percent of the guns Mexico seized in 2008 came from the U.S. In response to concerns over the violence in Mexico, NSSF noted that the ATF conducted more than 2,000 inspections of firearms dealers along the border. “The result? Not a single dealer was charged with committing any crime, and only two (or 0.01%) had their licenses revoked for unknown reasons that could have nothing to do with the cartels illegally obtaining firearms from retailers in the United States. “While these ATF inspections were clearing the law-abiding retailers’ good names, ” which were being smeared by many in the mainstream press and anti-gun officials in both the United States and Mexico, as many as 150,000 Mexican soldiers defected to work for the drug cartels, bringing their American-made, serviceissued firearms with them. Perhaps the Mexican government should seek to file suit against their military personnel actively engaged in such illegal conduct,” NSSF posted in the blog. NSSF concluded its response by, again, applauding President Calderon “for taking steps to stop the cartels when past Mexican administrations paid only lip service and allowed rampant corruption to fester. Still, it is wrong for anyone to blame America’s firearms industry for the problems Mexico is currently facing.” To read the entire blog, visit and scroll to the April 22 posting. Big Rock Sports Supports YSSA B S&W Outfits Police, Rebrands Division mith & Wesson Holding Corp. announces that the Providence, R.I., Police Department has selected Military & Police (M&P) pistols for its officers. The department has received 510 Smith & Wesson M&P40 pistols chambered in .40 S&W, and has begun the transition process to the new sidearm. In other news, Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. has rebranded its wholly owned perimeter security division, formerly known as Universal Safety Response. The new name, Smith & Wesson Security Solutions, more accurately reflects the company’s long-term heritage and leadership in security and protection, company officials say. Smith & Wesson Security Solutions offers products and services for perimeter security, including vehicle net barriers. The division will continue to operate from its Franklin, Tenn., location. For more information, visit ig Rock Sports LLC hosted a silent auction at the Big Rock Sports West Dealer Show in Las Vegas in January in support of the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA). The auction raised $20,000, which will be used to provide equipment for youth programs. “Big Rock has traditionally seized every opportunity at our dealer shows to promote our vendors, products and dealers. We felt our large show venue also offered a creative avenue to support the YSSA and their noteworthy efforts to assist in the recruitment and retention of our next generation of shooters and hunters,” said Ed Small, Big Rock president and CEO. For more information about Big Rock Sports, visit For more about YSSA, visit S Potterfields Support Organizations See page 12 $1.4 Million 2011 60,000 Square Feet Size Of New Scottsdale Gun Club See page 20 Smith & Wesson Rebate For Military See page 61 $100 Subscribe to SI Digital: 8 JUNE Read SI DIGITAL It’s Free!

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