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Shooting Industry June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 19

Lethal force Old Designs, New Twists he Remora is a unique design; I’ve never seen another inside-the-waistband holster that works as it does. On the other hand, the “rubberized” material that makes it work has been used for a number of years in pocket holsters, keeping the holster from coming out of the pocket with the gun. The DeSantis Nemesis popularized this concept, and other brands have used it, as well. Gun dealers — particularly where pocket carry is hugely popular — tell me the Nemesis is among their best-selling concealed carry holsters. Visit Another design that’s been around for a while and is gaining popularity is the “tuckable.” These holsters secure to the belt, but have a deep “V” of leather or other material between the attachment point and the holster body. The shirt is tucked into that “V,” allowing the user to wear a gun in the conventional hip position with his shirt tucked in. They conceal remarkably well. Draw with a tuckable holster is accomplished by using the support hand to rip the garment upward toward the shoulder to clear the holster. Galco’s latest incarnation is the KingTuk, which is already setting a fast pace in sales. Visit The holster business is generally somewhat derivative. However, that promotes perfection of design, and encourages variations of proven holsters that will work better for certain customers. 9 T SI DIGITAL Hot Link Galco’s new KingTuk, a tuckable inside-thewaistband holster, is posting brisk sales. Visit To learn more about the KingTuk, see our SHOT Show video report. Visit the Web Blast section of SI Digital readers, click on the hot link logo. JUNE 2011 19

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