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Shooting Industry June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 18

Lethal Lethal force very serious gun enthusiast who comes into your shop has a drawer, a box or, occasionally, a storeroom full of holsters he has tried over the years and discarded. Maybe he finally found the holster of his dreams, but he’s still always looking for one that works better. Plus, there are a lot of new gun owners who are looking for the perfect holster to fit their lifestyles. Here’s a look at a few new holsters that offer something out of the ordinary. The Remora is a new holster brand named after the aquatic creature, also known as a suckerfish, that attaches itself to sharks or whales. The Remora holster attaches itself to the wearer. It does so without clips, loops or other attachments. The design carries the handgun inside the Massad Ayoob Selling Concealment Holsters: New And Old Concepts E Using Friction waistband without shifting because its surface is covered with rubbery nubs that create friction on either side of the gun, stabilizing it in position. The holster has received rave reviews from the field. It is available in different sizes; a friend of mine regularly carries a big Ruger P90 .45 auto in his Remora. There is a variation of the holster with a reinforced top that holds the mouth of the otherwise-soft holster open, allowing for positive one-handed holstering by feel, an important gun-handling feature. Magazine pouches are also available. Best of all, from the customer’s perspective, retail pricing starts below $25. Visit The Remora has a nonslip surface that prevents the holster from shifting when worn inside the waistband. Visit remoraholsters. Offer Holsters For Discreet Carry F or your police and security clientele who wear soft body armor under their uniform shirts, Bianchi offers a useful design in their Tranzit and Tranzit II holsters. These replace the elastic strap that mates with Velcro on both the front and back panels of the armor. The holsters hold a semiauto with up to a 5" barrel, or a small revolver, under the uniform shirt in a semi-shoulder holster position, butt forward. The user pulls up the shirt to access the backup gun. Visit Car holsters have taken many forms over the years. They capture the interest of customers who feel safer with a loaded handgun accessible in the car, but can’t or won’t carry it concealed. Also, some people find that, while seated in a car, a gun in a traditional hip holster isn’t accessible when they’re wearing a seat beat. Rather than leave the pistol rattling around in the glove box or console, or sliding unpredictably under the seat, they want a holster that will secure it in a single, accessible spot. Another prospective car holster customer is the concealed carry permit holder in a jurisdiction where the gun may not be worn in certain environments. The customer who is out doing errands might have to remove it and leave it in the car when he stops by the courthouse, the post office or JUNE 2011 his kids’ school. An inconspicuous holster mounted in a vehicle becomes a convenience, as well as a safety device that keeps a defensive weapon handy. I was introduced to the Car Seat Holster Pro by Tepi-A-Ra A-Alkebu-Lan (“Just call me Tep,” he says) at this year’s International Law Enforcement Trainers Association conference. The company is ready to ship to dealers, and suggested retail price is in the $30 range. Designed to hold the handgun at the center of the user’s seat, muzzle down, the Car Seat Holster Pro allows a relatively discreet transfer of the gun between belt holster and car holster. It has an additional attached pouch that can carry a spare magazine, a compact tactical flashlight or a small container of pepper spray. A jacket or newspaper can cover the gun from view when the user is out of the car. When the driver is behind the wheel, the holstered gun is hidden by his legs, and quickly accessible with a simple reach between the knees. Visit The Bianchi Tranzit II attaches to common body armor. Visit 18 Read SI DIGITAL

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