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Shooting Industry June 2010 - Page 39

SCORE HANDGUN ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Are Your Customers Letting Your Old Pitches Go By? It’s Time To Throw Them Some Change-Ups! Demonstrate the UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader and you’ll sell at least one to every pistol customer. Visit www. By John Morrison BIG WITH WITH T here have been literally millions of firearms sold in America since the general elections of November 2008, including a mountain of handguns. And while firearms purchases have leveled off and slightly dropped, all the owners of those pistols and revolvers are ready and willing to purchase accessories. Part of the need for accessories is entirely practical. Those guns need maintenance, safeguarding, efficiency enhancements and, in some cases, physical modifications, to better suit their owners. This fact drives a good portion of the market. The other factor is something that’s been going on since the first caveman scratched a design on his favorite stoneheaded club: The drive to make that weapon personal, to put the owner’s mark on it, one that says “there are many like it, but this one is mine, and it’s different.” The problem for retailers? The market is glutted with accessories of all kinds, many of which have little to distinguish themselves from countless clones. Buyers react by browsing, yawning, wrinkling their foreheads in indecision and walking out. If this has happened one too many times in your shop, it could be time to switch from your standard straight-overthe-plate fastball to some tricky curves and change-ups. First, take a long, hard look at your upfront lineup and ask yourself which items are moving and which are sitting ducks — maybe dead ducks. They may come back to life in a different buying climate, but are they going to make you money right now? Second, open space in your prime display areas that invites something different, whether it is an intrinsically unexciting but versatile product, or something hot, color- ful and exotic. Lastly, whatever it takes, create some buzz among your buyers. It can’t help but sell accessories, or lead to a higher level of browsing interest, which will then lead to the purchase of another product. The point is, get their attention! Here are some imagination-stimulators to help do just that. Customers are looking for products that individualize their handguns. Hogue offers a number of options for every customer’s taste. Visit JUNE 2010 39

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