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Shooting Industry June 2010 - Page 1

ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE ANNOUNCES NOMINEES page 26 JUNE 2010 Optic Sales Zero In On HANDGUN ACCESSORIES Throw Some Change-Ups GUN LEATHER Practical & Profitable BODYGUARD 380 ® BODYGUARD 38 ® NEW BODYGUARD S ® Personal Protection with integrated lasers. Smith & Wesson’s newest concealed carry handguns are the most advanced available today. In your choice of .380 Auto or .38 S&W Special +P, both ® lightweight, innovative designs feature an integrated INSIGHT laser to enhance accuracy and performance. Choose the BODYGUARD 380 and BODYGUARD 38 to carry more comfortably, walk more confidently. Dealers Increase Profits INTERNET LIGHTWEIGHT • COMPACT • CONCEALABLE NASDAQ:SWHC INSIGHT is a registered ® trademark of INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY. PDF- To client ENGINEERED AND BUILT IN THE USA

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