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Shooting Industry July Digital Edition - Page 49

By Carolee Anita Boyles What are you stocking on your gun-care shelves? Customers are demanding products developed for our military forces. GUN CARE Customers Are Clamoring For Combat-Tested Products BATTLEFIELD T Sentry Solutions he firearms landscape is changing due to our country’s involvement in the Middle East. One obvious change is the rising popularity of the Modern Sporting Rifle (AR platform) for hunting, plinking and serious target shooting. Gun-care products are changing, as well. The military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have altered the way American shooters care for their firearms. This, actually, is not a new trend. From the time the M1 Garand migrated to the hunting scene, military firearms and cleaning products have become popular in the civilian market. The Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) — along with associated accessories — is just the latest military firearm to gain popularity in the civilian market. Gun care manufacturers, like Sentry Solutions, are meeting the needs of our military forces, which translates to increased sales for gun dealers. Visit sentrysolutions. “The military is gravitating to products that are more easily used,” said Thom Buck, Clenzoil president. That means combination products that clean, lubricate and prevent rust, Buck says. “We’re dealing with other countries and with soldiers who don’t read or understand English, so it’s easier to hand an Afghani tribesman or a Pakistani soldier one thing, and explain how to clean the gun through sign language,” he said. As a result, the military is requesting the development of certain kinds of products, which are then becoming very popular with the civilian market. “Our new Foaming Aerosol came about because U.S. Special Forces requested that we create a product that — after a prolonged firefight — an operator could break open his weapon and start applying for field maintenance,” Buck said. “If then he suddenly came under fire again, he could close the weapon, charge it with a loaded magazine, and start firing it with the product still inside — and not have to worry about any maintenance or reliability issues.” This means a combination or CLPtype product that puts the gun into a self-cleaning mode when it’s being fired under those conditions, and one that Clenzoil’s Simplified Approach JULY JULY 2011 2011 49 49 Carolee Anita Boyles

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