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Arms Arms and the woman Target The Women’s Market With Gift Cards Lisa Parsons-Wraith E very few months, my local mall a minimum purchase a requirement for $10 on their next purchase. pulls off a stealthy and highly effec- using the gift card, or specify the prodThe marketing possibilities of gift cards tive marketing strategy: They lure ucts the card can be redeemed on. A very are nearly limitless, and women are very me to the mall for an unplanned visit. The popular gift-card offer is to give your familiar with the gift-card concept. Offer mall’s tactic is simple. They promise me a customers a $10 gift card for every $100 a small accessory for free, and $10 off the gift card. The funny thing is, it’s only a $10 they spend. The customer spends full purchase of a gun. In many cases, the progift card, but no matter how inconvenient, price on the day of purchase, and in the motional item could be a free perk from a I always try my hardest to get to the mall future, they are sure to spend more than manufacturer or distributor perks program. to pick up that gift card. So the The customer receives addmall has scored a coup, and I ed value, and you are out am now on the premises. very little expense. I have occasionally taken The real beauty of the my gift card and run, but most gift-card system is that in of the time, I shop. I blow order to send your custhrough that gift card in mintomers gift cards, you utes and, by the time I leave need to collect personal the mall, I’ve spent 10 times information about them. the value of the gift card. AnCustomers will willingly other coup scored by the mall. give you contact informaGun dealers can use gift tion for the chance to earn cards in the same manner. The something for free. They excellent thing about gift cards will also be happy to give is they can be tweaked to fit you information about your store’s needs, and used to their interests, to receive target an audience you’d like to targeted perks. In the prosee more of in your store. cess, you build up a cusDecide if you want to offer All American Gun Shop received “a lot of publicity” from a reciprocal tomer database full of inwomen customers a $10 card, arrangement with the accounting business next door. Tax-preparation formation you can use for or a 10-percent-off card. Have customers were given a gift card to the gun shop. future marketing. conduct a promotion like this in the future. Learn from Military Gun Supply, and work out the technical details so it is easy for customers to meet the requirements of your contest or promotion. It’s frustrating for you and for your customer if the promotion is too complicated, or earning the credits too burdensome. All American Gun Shop in Athens, Tenn., is co-owned by Richard Grassano, who also is a certified public accountant with an accounting business next door to the gun shop. He came up with the idea of giving tax-preparation customers a gift card to the gun shop. The hope was they would use the gift card and their tax rebate to buy a gun. “The response has been pretty good,” Grassano said. “We both got business from it, and a lot of publicity. Any publicity is good publicity.” This is yet another way to use gift cards. It seems obvious to form a reciprocal gift-card Gift Cards In Action ilitary Gun Supply in Fort Worth, Texas, opted to use gift cards to increase sales of the Slide Fire SSAR-15 stock, and as rewards for customers who drummed up the most referrals. Using a tiered system, customers were rewarded with gift cards for the number of referrals they submitted that resulted in purchases. The more referrals, the higher the gift-card denomination. Plus, one $1,000 gift card was offered for the highest total referrals. Brennen Noble, sales associate, says the contest served to boost sales of the Slide Fire stock, and to increase the store’s customer base. “It’s the first time we’ve done anything like it,” he said. “It’s kind of an experiment.” He says they’ve gotten referrals, but admits the store hasn’t had quite as high of a response as expected, which he attributes to technical difficulties. He says the store will need to make technical adjustments to M “ The marketing possibilities of gift cards are nearly limitless, and women are very familiar with the gift-card concept. 26 JULY 2011 ” Read SI DIGITAL

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