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Industry news orty industry employers had a chance to interview almost 150 gunsmithing school students and experienced gunsmiths at the Brownells 5th Annual Gunsmith Career Fair in April. The mission of the Career Fair is to provide gunsmiths and gunsmithing students a one-of-a-kind chance to interview and network with employers from around the industry. The event was held in Des Moines, Iowa. “I came to get a better idea of the skill sets the students could bring to Ruger. I found them to be very good mechanical kids, a very creative group, and was impressed with how many were here and how far they traveled. They’ll be servicing Ruger firearms, and it’s really good to get to know them,” said Steve Maynard, Ruger vice president Master gunmaker Jerry Fisher discusses the finer points of gunsmithing with students from Trinidad State Junior College. of Lean Business Development. The students and gunsmiths were able to attend 12 seminars to help them improve their craft. ATF covered many of the fine points concerning regulations related to gunsmiths. Custom gunmakers Sharon Dresser discussed finding a niche in the industry, and Tom Shay provided tips on how to keep a business going. “The Career Fair provides a venue for current industry members to meet the future talent. It makes me feel good to hear how impressed the employers are with the students. The firearms industry is growing, and gunsmiths are an important component to the industry’s successful future,” said Pete Brownell, company president. The next Career Fair will be held in April 2012. Visit for additional information and the latest updates. F Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair Rated A Success eupold’s Tactical Optics Division has won a contract with the U.S. Marine Corps to supply 728 Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS riflescopes for use with M2 heavy machine guns and MK19 grenade machine guns. The scope will carry the M521 designation. The Mark 8 CQBSS scopes will be employed to support combat operations of Afghanistan-based Marine units. A key feature of the scope is Leupold’s new Marine-Tactical Milling Reticle (MTMR), which is designed to allow successful range estimation and target engagement with more flexibility than generally possible with other reticle styles. The M-TMR’s “staircased” configuration preserves the instinctive-fire capabilities on low magnification, while allowing precise range estimation at any power setting. “The Marine Corps’ innovative employment of this new technology will bring enhanced lethality to two combat-proven systems, the M2 and MK19 heavy machine guns,” said Kevin Trepa, vice president of Leupold’s Tactical Division. For more information, visit www.leLeupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm L Leupold Awarded Marine Corps Contract 14 JULY 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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