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Industrywatch Happy Anniversary, Century Arms! ou have to love a company whose founders look like movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood — and, of course, that the company imports a lot of interesting firearms. William and Phyllis Sucher founded Century Arms 50 years ago this month. It all began when William, who sold typewriters, accepted a Lee Enfield as payment for one of his manual devices. He placed an ad in a local newspaper for the rifle, received numerous offers, bought other Continued from page 110 E-mail the Editor Y surplus firearms, and a business was born. In 1961, William opened a warehouse in Vermont and offered muzzleloaders, lightweight percussion shotguns and bolt-action rifles. These included Enfields of every variety, and 98-style rifles from all over the world. Over the years, other surplus products were W. Sucher offered, including large quantities of hard-to-find ammunition, bayonets, swords, scopes, hats, coats, boots and just about any other form of surplus. Century Arms has grown to be widely recognized as the largest single importer of surplus firearms and ammunition in the U.S. P. Sucher To celebrate its half-century anniversary, the company is offering a limited edition AK, with a 50th anniversary logo engraved into the receiver in 24kt gold plating. Happy anniversary, Century Arms! Visit Camouflage. “GameGuard has now become a well-recognized ushmaster Firearms has entered into an exclusive agreement brand, and we are excited about the opportunity to partner with to manufacture AR-style firearms featuring GameGuard Bushmaster to offer predator hunters a truly amazing product.” camouflage. To launch the new venture, consumers who purFor more information, visit and www. chased a Bushmaster GameGuard Predator rifle from AcuSport dealers received a coupon valid for a free soft-sided rifle case. “We took on a personal challenge to develop a pattern that best fit the Texas and southwestern United States landscape,” Bushmaster GameGuard Predator said Craig Smith, founder of GameGuard Bushmaster Dressed In GameGuard B Flex-Hone Polishes RCBS Operation anufacturing high-quality products is often labor intensive. Faced with the goal of improving quality, while reducing employee injuries and fatigue, Tim Taylor, an RCBS engineer, turned to Flex-Hone, a flexible ball-style honing brush made by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM). “We produce hundreds of thousands of dies every year,” Taylor said. “So the achievement of consistent, high-quality surface finish, as well as avoidance of worker discomfort, became a high priority.” One of RCBS’s production processes involves hand-finishing steel reloading die bores, with employees wrapping emery cloth around rods and polishing the internal surface of the dies. “The problems with this laborious process included some inconsistencies in the surface finishes,” Taylor said. “Ergonomic factors were also a major consideration, because this was a repetitive-motion job, and some workers experienced discomfort or problems with wrists, shoulders and backs.” M Flex-Hone is a tool widely used throughout industry for de-burring, plateau honing and deglazing. Available in many sizes and finishing materials, the brush-hone’s shaft has nylon filaments with hundreds of attached abrasive grit globules. BRM developed a series of fine-grit models of the FlexHone for die applications. Taylor says the surface finish of the RCBS steel dies is sub-micron (roughness value) when they come off the machine. After the Flex-Hone finishing operation, he says the surface finish is improved by a factor of eight. With the steel die finishing solution a success, RCBS used a Flex-Hone brush with diamond crystal grit on its dies that feature a much harder carbide material. “The finish looks like a mirror when we’re done,” Taylor said. Taylor estimates there is a 60- to 70-percent increase in efficiency by automating the honing process. “The new process is a real game changer. There was a substantial increase in quality, it’s faster and the ergonomic improvement alone justifies the change,” Taylor said. For more information on BRM, call (323) 261-2193, e-mail: info@ or visit www.brushresearch. DIGITAL com. 9 SI Hot Link Flex-Hone smoothes the inside of an RCBS die. JULY 2011 109

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