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Shooting Industry July Digital Edition - Page 107

Tac-Grip Tactical Grip Enhancer Tac-Grip Tactical Grip Enhancer features a semipermanent, anti-slip material that increases firearm shooting control and retention under extreme conditions. The Tactical Grip Enhancer applies easily over factory grips and plates. Each package comes with three grips that can be used up to four times, leaving no sticky residue. Grips for a variety of models are available, and various colors are available. TACTICAL HEARING TACTICAL Ultra HD The TACTICAL Ultra HD amplifies very quiet sounds and allows users to hear in clear digital sound, while a microprocessor blocks out loud noise, protecting the wearer’s ears. The system works with automatic weapons and rapid fire, and offers 30dB Noise Reduction Rating and 48 dB of power. Tac-Grip 1-877-800-8975 SI DIGITAL TACTICAL HEARING (801) 822-6888 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link A.G. Russell Knives Sowbelly Trapper The Sowbelly Trapper is a two-blade slip-joint folder measuring 4 1/4 inches. The clip blade measures 3 3/8 inches and is 1-inch wide. The Wharncliffe blade is 3 1/2-inches long and 7/8-inch wide. Both are flat ground. The liners, bolster, caps and federal shield are all 400 series stainless steel. Available with three handle configurations: Brown Rucarta, Cocobolo and Yellow Delrin. Forster Products 300 Blackout Precision reloading dies are now available for the 300 Blackout (300 ACC), and include Forster’s full-length sizing die, Bench Rest Seater die and Ultra Micrometer seater die. The internal dimensions of the dies are slightly smaller than the original 300 ACC specs. A.G. Russell Knives 1-800-255-9034 SI DIGITAL Forster Products (815) 493-6360 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link Read SI Digital JULY 2011 107

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