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Shooting Industry July 2010 - Page 8

Industry Industry news By Russ Thurman osler Inc. returned to partial operation six days after a June 2 fire and explosion destroyed a corner of one of the company’s buildings in Bend, Ore. No one was hurt in the accident. Investigation into the explosion began shortly after the fire was extinguished. “While the ATF explosive experts and the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad have not been able to tell us exactly how the fire started, their findings do indicate that the explosion was the result of unburned gases accumulating in the ballistics lab,” said Bob Nosler, president and CEO. Nosler also outlined additional damage caused by the accident. “The blast, along with the sprinkler system, created quite a mess, so the initial cleanup of the production spaces will take at least one full week. After the cleanup, we expect the factory to be in limited production within the next two weeks. From there it will be a slow, methodical process of evaluating each machine for operational capability,” Nosler said. That process will take months, according to Nosler. “We estimate that it will be approximately 60 days before we can be back in full, three-shift production, and six months before our offices and ballistics lab are rebuilt and back to normal. In the interim, we will be using temporary, modular offices for our management, engineering, human resources, accounting and sales functions,” Nosler said. On June 7, Nosler reported that 50 of its employees were back to work, packaging products and shipping orders. Host A Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party — pg. 26 Nosler Recovers From Plant Fire, Explosion N SI DIGITAL Hot Link The June 2 fire and explosion destroyed a portion of a Nosler building. Nosler Fire continued on page 19 Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) (center) visited the plant on June 5. Bob Nosler (left) said Wyden talked with everyone present, and called the visit “a very pleasant surprise.” Industry Battles Mischaracterizations, Dealer Bashing n behalf of the industry, NSSF responded in early June to misleading characterizations of the industry. To refute the claims of national commentator Susan Estrich, who in a May 25 column, “The Responsibility Is Ours,” targeted the industry for contributing to Mexico’s border problems, Steve Sanetti, NSSF president, wrote a rebuttal, stating, “Let’s clear this up right now.” Sanetti presented ATF data to disprove Estrich’s statements that “American assault rifles, bought at gun stores on the border” were the reason for crime along the border, and “80 percent of the 75,000 assault weapons seized by O “ Diminishing the civil rights of law-abiding Americans will not solve Mexico’s crime problem. Mexican authorities were traced back to the United States.” “Investigations and regulatory compliance inspections by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) into firearms trafficking along the southwest border have confirmed that firearms retailers are law-abiding businessmen and -women who are playing a key role in detecting and deterring illegal purchases of firearms,” Sanetti wrote. Sanetti dismantled Estrich’s claims about the number of guns traced to U.S. sources. Taurus Sponsors West Point Pistol Team See page 11 $25,000 Ruger Gives Away Branded Products See page 24 357 ” Industry Battles continued on page 19 Beretta Lowers Px4 Storm MSRP See page 110 $500 Subscribe to SI Digital: 8 JULY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL It’s Free!

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