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Shooting Industry July 2010 - Page 26

Arms Arms and the woman Lisa Parsons-Wraith Host A Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party And Profit ealers across the country are faced party setting, where women are able to almost every piece in at least one size. with the same dilemma. They discuss, view and try on the clothes. And since women are very particular want to welcome women into the If you’re thinking, “What does this about the fit of their pants, she says they shooting sports, but can’t dehave to do with me?” consider this: make sure there is one pair of pants in vote a lot of floor space Your store can be the party site, every size to try on. exclusively to wom“Women will be able to en’s products. sit down and go through the Many dealfeatures of the clothes and feel ers have gotten the fabrics,” Pocernich said. burned when they “Once they do that, they think, have stocked women’s ‘Oh, I need this.’” products because they Nothing clinches a sale weren’t the “right” products. faster than a hands-on demAlso, women have been traonstration of hidden pockditionally reluctant to spend ets, useful drawstrings and a lot of money on quality unique features of high-perhunting gear, because they formance gear. often put the needs of their Pocernich notes men are families ahead of their own. also getting in on the act. All in all, we ladies have “I was at a trade show, proven fairly challenging for and a dad came up to me SI DIGITAL most gun shops. As a result, wanting to host a party for Hot Link many stores have given up his daughter and her friends,” trying to figure out what we Camp Wild Girls and Próis Hunting & Field Apparel have partnered to she said. want and stopped stocking create dealer-hosted parties featuring the entire Próis line and Camp Wild In a lot of families, the women’s products — espe- Girls products. mother doesn’t hunt, but the cially apparel. dad wants to get his daughyou can act as the host or hostess, and, in ter involved — and this is a fun way to Dealers As Hosts the process, you will bring new customers do it, Pocernich adds. Luckily, dealers have a new venue for into your store. Response to the Home Hunting Paroffering women’s hunting clothing that Terri Lee Pocernich, Camp Wild Girls ty idea has been very positive, accorddoesn’t take up one bit of their sales floor CEO, and Kirstie Pike, Próis Hunting ing to Pocernich. Representatives are — the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting & Field Apparel CEO, have combined in the field and gun stores interested in Party. Based on the idea of other home- forces to bring this program to fruition. hosting a home party have already conparty companies, a home-party represen- The parties feature the entire Próis line tacted Pocernich. tative brings Camp Wild Girls and Próis and several Camp Wild Girls products. “They thought it was a great way to Hunting apparel to various locations in a Pocernich says the reps have samples of show the products,” she said. D Benefits Of Hosting A Hunting Party gun store hosting a Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party with friends, so each regular customer may bring in a potential may seem a little unusual, but there are many benefits. new customer. Dealers are able to offer women’s products without giving up Hosting the party should be relatively inexpensive, too. If you floor space. A have space, host party is a social it in your store. Benefits Of Hosting A Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party: event that serves If not, local town as a non-threathalls, VFWs and • Ability to offer women’s products without giving up floor space. ening introducwomen’s clubs • Party serves as a fun, welcoming initiation into the shooting sports. tion to the shootare available at • Attendees will most likely bring along friends — which equals more potential customers. ing sports. Also, little or no cost. • Women are made aware of your store and what you stock. women like to Refreshments • Party serves as “market research” into women’s products. attend events are a require26 JULY 2010 A Read SI DIGITAL

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